Haunted Places In Kentucky

Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or investigate. Many of the
places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.


Witch Hill - There is a tree in the middle of the road in Wilder where 3 witches were supposedly hung, and there is a curse on the
tree to whom ever tries to cut it down, or spits on it. I have been to this place many times, and taken pictures, and many times even
though it was a clear night, the pictures have come back covered in white blotches. You will find many out of the ordinary
happenings on the way out to the tree. - September 2004 update /correction: It has recently been cut down and moved to the
church parking lot at the top of the road. The three humps were also left off the story. There are three evenly spaced humps right
before the bend the tree was on. These are the graves of the witches. The stories of distorted pictures are true though.


Hwy 577 - Off Hwy 30 on Hwy 577 in Annville in Jackson county at night during a full moon you can see a glowing grave late at night.
You can only see it from the road. When you go to the graveyard it disappears.


Paramount Art Center - It is said that during some early renovation work on the Paramount Theatre, a death occurred there and the
man’s ghost has forever since haunted the Paramount. In the early 1940s, four construction workers from Boyd Theater Company in
Cincinnati, Ohio were working on a project inside the auditorium. It is reported that all of them had gone to lunch except one man, a
guy named Joe. When the other three returned, they found Joe hanging from the curtain rigging, dead. And since then, sounds
have been heard, things have gone missing, cold drafts have been felt, and some folks even claim to have seen the image of a man
appear on occasion. However, he is by all means a “good ghost” - one who seems to look out for the benefit of the theatre and its
occupants. When Billy Ray Cyrus was here filming his video for "Achy Breaky Heart," he was told about the legend of Paramount
Joe. Between breaks, Billy Ray would talk to Joe, laughing and joking with him, sometimes even asking for his help. It is customary
to get 8 x 10 photographs signed by each performer that appears at the Paramount and then hang the photo on the 'Wall of Fame' in
the box office. Billy Ray personally autographed large color posters to each of the female employees working here at the time - and
one with a personal inscription to Paramount Joe, whom he now had a fondness for. Each lady put her poster near her desk and
Joe's was hung in the box office, near all the other performers. As time passed and the walls in the box office became too full of
8x10’s signed by other performers, the executive director felt that some of the pictures and posters needed to come down. Since
there were so many of Billy Ray, she asked the women to remove their posters since they were all so similar. Nobody wanted to take
their personally autographed picture of Billy Ray down so they took down the one he had signed to Paramount Joe. The next day,
when the ladies came to work, every single 8x10 and poster that had been hanging neatly on the walls the night before were now
lined strewn on the floor, many of their glass frames shattered! It was as if someone had wiped each one off the wall. To this day,
Paramount Joe’s poster still hangs in the Paramount, in a very special part of The Marquee Room, which is now the site of
Paramount Joe’s Rising Star Café’. There is another story about the time two new employees wanted to investigate the basement in
the Paramount and some old items that had been stored there. To reach the basement, you must go through a door that is located
just inside the lounge outside the ladies restroom. This brings you to the top of the stairs. At the top of those stairs is a light switch
that will light the first section of the stairwell. As you progress, there is a switch that will light each area in front of you. And, there is
no partner switch. In other words, you must turn the light off at the same place you turned it on. The marketing director had offered
to take the two new female employees into the basement and turned on the lights at the top of the stairs. The ladies hurried down
the steps. At that moment the marketing director was called to take a phone call inside the office. He told the other two employees
to wait, he would be right back. In their excitement however, they did not hear him and they continued on. Recounting the story
later, it was at this point they called up to him to turn on the next light for them. As it turned out, he was on the phone longer than
expected and met the ladies as they were coming back up the steps. "Thanks for turning on the light for us," one of them said, "but
we can't get it to turn off." Puzzled, he explained that he had not turned on the light for them – and in fact, could not turn on the
light. The expression on their faces revealed that they were not kidding with him. They lead him back into the basement, only to be
met by darkness. 'Someone' had turned the light off again as well. "Well, thanks Joe," called out one of the ladies, as she shivered.
In 2004, marketing director Tyson Compton was giving a tour to some high school students. As he was relating the Paramount Joe
story, he realized that he was always talking about Joe, and not to him. So as he spoke to the students, he stopped and called out,
“Joe, are you here? Is it ok that I tell your story?” While he swears that he then heard a seat squeak, that is not the most chilling
part of this story. Compton relates how he received a call the very next day from a psychic who lived in the area. She asked him if
someone in his family or a close friend had recently died because she had gotten a message from “the other side.” He said no that
he could think of no one. “Well, she said, “I’m supposed to tell you that Joe said he is here.”


Small Blvd - There is a picture of a young Irish woman that hangs in the 5th house on the left. If you look at the picture the eyes will
glow non-stop! If you look at the picture at night and walk across the room at the same time you will see the eyes follow you across
the room. This lady had 5 kids, the picture has been passed down through the generations.


Union College - Financial Aid office - Many people in the Financial Aid office have witnessed doors opening, closing, locking, and
unlocking. Some have said that they have seen a woman. The office was once a house. The woman died in that house of mysterious
causes.  Pfeiffer Hall room 245 - there is said to be a ghost of a student that attended Union College in the 1960's. His name was
James Garner and he was a football and basketball player at Union. James was about 6'4 or so and weighed about 250. Records say
that he fell from his 2nd floor window while trying to close it on a cool night. The date of his death was have said to been on
October 30, 1963. Sources say that if you go to the room around midnight and open the window, that James ghost will shut it. Many
sightings have been reported. - March 2008 additional information: doors opening & lights turning on when no one else is present.

Warfield Cemetery - Something follows you. Its footsteps move as you do, and stop when you do, yet this unseen thing moves very
fast. You can feel its sense of urgency, and the steps crunch over the ground, as if it's agitated. When it starts this, you standing
there cringing, just certain something is going to knock you down from behind, but the steps just stop abruptly and don't start back
up until you begin walking again. When you step outside of the gate, the sounds of the footsteps stop.


Old Kentucky Home Middle School - During the Civil War the school was used as a hospital. The Morgue was in the basement. The
floors and the ceilings have been said to bleed. The schools art room(which is also located in the basement.) smells of rotting flesh.
It has been said that this room was used for holding of decomposing bodies. They painted the basement walls white and blood red
spots bled back through.

Jailers Inn - many reports of this place being haunted. It was formerly the jail and now is a bed and breakfast. Former employees
reported hearing footsteps and people crying.

Old Smith Mansion - Across from Heaven Hill distillery, is the old Smith Mansion on Lorretto Rd. On clear nights during the summer,
a German shepherd can be seen stomping the yard around the old house.

The Old Talbott Inn - Haunted by numerous spirits that were killed there.

Bell County

Hutch - there is a small area off the main highway called Hutch. In this small community there is a local swimming hole called "Devil's
Garden". Before it earned this name, a small group of partying teenagers were swimming one summer night. After partying too
much, one of the kids slipped and hit his head on a rock in the shallows. Not thinking straight, the other kids decided to hide the
body under water, tied to a rock. The next day, the kids went to see if the night before had really happened. They arrived to find that
the local authorities had already arrived and discovered the body. To their surprise, their friend had drowned and not died of the
fall. They lived with their secret for over 15 years until they each started disappearing mysteriously, and the remaining two
confessed and were sentenced to ten years in prison. Now every full moon, the moon's reflection casts a skull like image on the
water's surface.


Bellefonte Hospital - Bellefonte is an Old Catholic hospital and it is said that the ghost of an old nun named Fannie haunts the
hospital. There have been reports of things mysteriously falling off shelves and things making loud crashing noises, but when you
go to look, nothing is there. Fannie is said to be seen most often in and around the emergency room.


The Glowing Tombstone - The story goes that an old man and woman lived in a house near this cemetery and a cult was doing some
funny business in a nearby barn one night. The old man did not return from checking out the strange happenings so the old woman
went down to check on him and found him hung. The barn is still there. The house the old couple lived in is gone now, but a new
house was trying to be built by a new couple and mysteriously fell down on the first try. When the tombstone is glowing the old man
is inside the old barn waiting on the cult members who killed him to come back so he can extract his revenge.


Berea College - Boone Tavern Hotel - Once a part of the under ground rail road. The basement had several rooms that were used
use hide runaway slaves and for other purposes. Voices can sometimes be heard, and on more than one occasion a photograph of
a young African American boy was taken. He appeared to be frightened and about 12 years of age. - March 2007 Correction:
Construction on the Boone Tavern Hotel began in 1908, long after the Civil War and Railroad. Berea, Ky. As a city wasn't even
established until after the Civil War, and during the war Berea College (which owns Boone Tavern) was only a normal school with
two buildings. Also, Boone Tavern has no basement, only a sub-basement that houses an office and laundry. The sub-basement was
dug out under the building in the 1940s.


2nd Street Orphanage - In this small town there was a fire that engulfed the town in the early eighteen hundreds. An orphanage, on
what is now 2nd street was one of the first houses to go up the first night. The house was evacuated yet four kids were lost in the
smoke and flame. Upon several endeavors; some during the day, most at night; You can here movement in the cellar during the
day, with voices, cries and much activity at night.


Maple Grove Cemetery - Anna Beauchamp, of the famous 1825 Romantic Tragedy can be seen walking along the road and
throughout the cemetery at times.


Owsley County High - In the gymnasium boy's sower room two students were punched so hard they were sent flying back and hitting
the wall. Pairs of glowing red eyes were seen along with someone's finger poking through the door. Cold drafts have been felt and
voices were heard.

Bowling Green

Greenwood Mall - Back in '96 a man was found dead in his pickup truck in the rear parking lot. The cause of death was never
determined, and the vehicle was stolen. No one ever figured out who he was, or what he died of. These days when people park in
the spot where his truck was, and leave their vehicle overnight, you can walk up to it and see a man in the passenger seat who
looks to be dead or sleeping. Its always the same guy. When any of the guards on duty call a police officer over to remove the guy,
they find the car empty. Every single time. The parking spot has an oil stain that looks like a face and has never washed off or
changed over the years. The police have nicknamed him "the sleeper". It’s so common; when they call PD dispatch they just say,
"We have a sleeper".

Off the bridge - There is an old metal bridge with a wooden road...a girl once jumped off of the bridge and drown. The theory is if
you go to the end of the bridge and turn your car off and put it in neutral the ghost of the girl will pull you across the bridge.

Western Kentucky University - Academic Complex - The Academic Complex used to be an old hospital and now houses several
classrooms, medical facilities and the campuses TV and Radio stations. There have been DJs working for the Radio station that
have heard things in the night, seen people out of the corner of their eyes. One night two DJs were talking about haunted places in
the area and their CD player started to move about, opening and closing and rattling. Its been rumored that in the old hospital days,
people had died in some of the classrooms and in a radio station studio. - February 2004 Update: It is said this is a rumor started by
upper classmen to scare newcomers.  Barnes-Campbell Hall - showers have been reported turning on and off by themselves, and
chairs crashing against walls. A young man fell to his death down the dorms elevator shaft.  Helm Library - is known to be haunted
by a student who fell to his death from the ninth floor when trying to open a window.  The Kentucky Museum - Located on campus is
haunted by an unknown male.  McClean Hall - McClean Hall on campus is supposed to haunted by Mattie McClean the woman its
named for. Supposedly if you stare at a picture of her long enough in the lobby she will smile back at you. Pearce Ford Tower (Dorm
Hall) is supposed to be haunted by a construction worker crushed by an elevator.  Potter Hall - In 1977 a girl hung herself in the
basement. Change has been heard dropped in soda machines but no one is there, scratching sounds of basement floor. - February
2004 Update: is now just used for the office of the register, housing has been moved down to South West Hall. Which did once have
a creepy incident involving a Ouija board where a wall began to crack open. Also for Potter it was in room 8 on the bottom floor that
the girl hung herself -- though that is debated some believe she was murdered. - January 2006 Correction/ Update: A student that
attended school with the girl has cleared a few things up on this particular haunting. She was a Very quiet but very nice girl. Though
she didn’t leave a note, she had taken her own life. They report her name was Teresa nicknamed Tye-Dye. Many on campus believe
it to be Penny because of several of the office workers in that area of the building said they often find pennies rolling down the hall
and find them on the floor.. So if anyone happens to notice pennies rolling down the hall or hears change clanging in the vending
machines, don't be afraid. Potter Hall is Tye-Dye's old stomping ground where one day back in 1978, she made the decision to exert
the only control she had over her own life.  Schneider Hall - Objects disappear and then reappear. Knocks and strange noises
during the day and night. Sudden temperature changes in certain rooms. Feelings of being watched. - February 2004 Update: It is no
longer used as a dorm, it is being renovated to be a math building. Also a student claims that - White Stone Hall and White Hall are
the same building as Florence Schneider hall.  Rhodes Harlin Hall - is haunted by a girl who jumped to her death. People hear
scratching on their windows and doors.  Van Meter - Auditorium - The auditorium is reportedly haunted by a man that fell to his
death there while working on one of the catwalks. Students, workers and performers have seen him. Also rumored, he fell onto the
stage and his blood of course soaked into the wood. In the 1950’s and again in 1968 this stage was re-floored, and the stain again


Perryville - Perryville Battlefield - Sightings of soldier walking the battlefield at night. Reported to be seen by local police.


the Bradford house - this house belonged to the towns founder. The house has been deserted for at least a hundred years,
however at night a piano can be heard playing, and sometimes you can hear a baby cry

George Edelen Home Place - The house was moved from Old Lick Creek after a family died of cholera in the 1800's. The house had
figurines that swayed more than 45 degrees off their setting, sounds of walking throughout the house, a three pound knocking was
heard every night for 30 minutes beginning at 7:30 p.m. Sounds of clearing the throat from someone who was not there. Sounds of
mirrors falling and crashing and no evidence of such happenings.

North Rolling Fork River - During the summer of 1965 several of the children of Bradfordsville heard a mysterious sound coming
from the North Rolling Fork River which flows parallel to the streets of the town.  The sound was very similar to a whip being cast.  If
you got close to the river looking for the source of the sound--the sound got quieter.  If you got farther away from the river the
sound became louder.  It went on and on.  Many adults were called out by the children to find out what was causing the strange
"whip" like cracking sound.  No one ever was able to explain what caused the strange sounds.

Pendergraft Place - door to the room where Mr. Buss Pendergraft died would not stay closed. Latches were opened during the

Willard Rakes's Home - The house has been known for sounds heard when no one is there. Lucille Pendergraft told of a washing
pot left unattended would turn itself over and water would be over the floor.


Meade County High School - After those horrible tornadoes on May 4 used the old high school gym as a morgue for all those who
passed on. Sometimes you can hear voices in the hallways.  Band room - There are cold spots in the room, voices can be heard,
there have been sightings of a boy with a tuba standing in the window when the school is empty. Also there were rumors that our
vice principal had photo's of a concrete worker bent over inspecting something on the floor. The story goes that this person died
when he fell while the school was being built.  Behind the football - field of the school is a graveyard, and people have their own
opinions as to why the school is haunted. Also, April 7, 1974, The gym was used for a funeral.

The Downtown Victorian - Some times you can hear voices & noises falling down the stairs from the attic to the first second floor.
Also the ones that did live in that house had pictures of the ghosts.

Breathitt County

Salyersville - Frozen - Old Vancleave Bible Institute - Located near Frozen Creek, this was once a bible school which housed both
male and female students. Due to the difficult terrain, students lived on campus. In the flood of 1939, many students and staff
perished while holing up in the boiler room. (They were warned of a tornado, not flood). Little remains of the school after the flood.
Buildings include a dorm, a gym and a stone chapel. It has been reported that sounds of children laughing and crying can be heard.
It is also reported that heat can be felt coming from the "punishment rooms". You can go there and feel like you are being watched,
the laughter of little kids and in the third building you can feel heat as you go up the stairs to the punishment rooms. Some have
even seen red glowing eyes in the upstairs. There is also what seems to be a small chapel that has an aboveground basement that
sits out in a field. The basement is filled with black mud like substance. If viewed from above it has a whirlpool design to it. Several
people say that they have heard cries of young children and have even seen them. It has been said that you will see and hear
terrifying things. - December 2006 Update – has been torn down.


Beachopening Rd. - 20 to 25 year ago a man was killed in a car accident, now after dark foggy figures have been saw, if your walking
rocks will be thrown at you, people yelling for help, and if your riding your bike make sure to have knee pads on because you will
get thrown off and no one around.


Dexter - Hill - There is a hill that is almost perfectly dome-shaped, like someone took a bowl of dirt and turned it over. Witnesses
report they had seen it light up at night, heard strange sounds, and that it was haunted.


Campbellsville University - Fine Arts Building - The Fine Arts building was originally a Catholic Hospital. Some say they have heard
babies crying where the nursery was, footsteps heard in the hall when no one was there and art students have witnessed pottery
wheels beginning to spin by independently. There are also numerous cold spots through out the building.

Campbellsville - Hiestand House - This house is haunted by the Hiestand family.

Spurlington tunnel - believed to be cursed. Story has it that a train robbery in Corbin had several robbers who came up the branch
line through Marion County into Taylor County and stopped as far as the train line went. An old woman that many called a witch lived
there. She took care of the robbers not knowing of their exploits. One day the robbers decided to leave and didn't want anyone to
know of their surroundings; they threatened the old woman and decided to kill her. She warned them that if they did that she would
curse them and they would come to a bad end. The men killed her and buried the $50,000 of 1860 money under her to make a scare
on anyone who tried to get it. 6 of the 7 men were caught and hanged. A tunnel was built in the area where the old woman was
buried. Tons and tons of rock are buried atop her body. The one robber who got away later returned to the area. He rode the train
into the area. After leaving he rode the train back to return home. As the train went through Calvary crossing the Rolling Fork River,
the bridge collapsed and the last of the robbers lost his life as the curse of the "witch woman" all came true.

Taylor County - M&R estates - In the civil war days the confederate soldiers took the war prisoners to this house for execution. They
were murdered and hung in the barn behind the house. As the legend goes there are extreme temperature changes in the house,
also the screams can be heard at night by people that walk down the road. On some occasions people have been known to see
blood drip from the rafters of the old barn. The entire property is haunted and not many people dare to cross its boundaries if you
do there is no telling what could happen. It seems as though people that go across its lines have been tortured in the future as in
there dreams and everyday life. It will be a life changing experience.

Cave City

Death Valley - This is a strait stretch of I-65 that runs between Cave City and Glasgow. It isn't lined with trees or anything. Several
fatal car accidents have happened here. It is said that this piece of I-65 was build over an Indian burial ground, and it is thought that
this is what is causing the wrecks.


Jim Beam Distillery - Several years ago there was an old man worked as a guard at the whiskey distillery in Clermont, KY. The guard
was old and possibly out of his mind. One of his favorite things to do was to holler at the moon when it was full on his work shift.
Some of the guards say that on a night with full moon, they can sometimes hear him screaming when they are on their patrol rounds.


The Old Hickman County Elementary School - Before the old elementary school had burned down in 1998 it was believed to be
haunted by the people who were once buried there. The tombstones were said to be removed but the bodies remained under the
school. Numerous of students were said to be locked in the bathroom, heard and seen doors shut by themselves, and could also
hear noises.


the child's creek bridge - it is said that on a late night when you are all alone, there is a woman that appears and in a split second as
she holds your attention you wreck...it is said that the woman died after being ran off the rode at the curb and keeps coming back to
get her revenge.


Lindsey Wilson College - Horton Hall - Horton Hall is one of the many old buildings on the college campus.  It is Located between the
Soccer Field and the Gym.  Most of the horrific sightings have been spotted in the dorm rooms on the 2nd Floor.  There has been
many encounters late at night and mostly on the weekends of Dark Figures pulling up and shaking the ceiling tiles.  Others have
reported that if you lay really still without any movement at all that the Dark figures will slowly Creep down into your room.  If you do
let things get this far do not startle the shadow looking spirits.  Once reported that loud screams would come from the spirits if they
seen any type of human life in the room.  These spirits have no history to the area but just seem to appear random time during the
course of the year.


old combs school - the old combs school was used for many years. Closed down in the early 1970's.  For the new school that is still
used today. The old abandoned school is on a hill above the new school. Its been told you can hear kids talking, teachers still give
kids the lessons. Walking can be heard in the old halls. lights seen, and sights of someone in windows. The school was
kindergarten to the 8th grade. it is thought principal Spicer, who died in the late 60s or early 70s.still is on the job today. The
building is in poor shape, and not to safe any more. after all that’s why it was abandoned that long ago.


Devo park- a team of football players were on there way to a fooball game and the bus fliped over the cliff.And from what was told if
you turn your car off and put it in nutral and flash your lights 3 times the team of football players will come put and push your car up
the hill about 10 inches. WARNING: dont try to put baby powder on the back of the car and expect to see hand prints it WILL NOT


Bugger Mountain - On a Saturday night back in the 50's a truck driver was going down bugger mountain which is the old road from
Corbin to Barberville. He lost control of his rig and went over the side of the mountain. On Saturday nights if you are traveling at
high speeds or drinking a set of headlights will come at you and then go off the side of the mountain. When you get to the top of the
mountain there will be a light with a bodily figure inside and then disappear.

Congregation Cave - A very old cave located near Laurel Lake once was used for church congregations in the late 1800s. On
Sunday mornings if you are outside anywhere around the cave you can hear a congregation singing. However, after about 11:00 a.
m. the singing stops.

old Corbin hospital - Even though the old hospital has been closed for many years, and has no electric. Strange noises and lights
were always seen.

Cumberland Falls State Park - Back in the 1950's, a Bride and Groom came to Cumberland Falls State Park for their Honeymoon. The
couple decided to take in some of sites at the falls area before going back to their room at the lodge. Before leaving the falls they
wanted to have their photos the with the falls in the background. The couple found an overlook just a few hundred feet from the
falls that would work great for the photo. As the Bride stood on the Pillars at the edge of the 75 to 80 foot cliff, the Bride lost her
balance and fell to her death. This place is now called "Lovers Leap". There have been reports of people driving around the last
curve and hitting a woman that seems to be wearing a wedding dress and when they go to look for her, she is no where to be found.

Florence Road - Located near Early Addition St. There is a certain place in the road where people passing by will experience a
strong sense of fear and the feeling that they are being watched. These feelings disappear quickly after they leave this one certain
spot in the road. There have been no known reports of anything terrible having happened in the past to account for this haunting. -
February 2004 update / correction: The zone of fear is mainly experienced by pedestrians. It is a road with a lot of hills and curves
and while the speed limit is posted as 15 mph, many people drive as fast as they can through this area just for fun. The submitter
believes there have been a few accidents in the area but they don't have the facts with them. Could be more of an urban myth than
anything else. A variation they’ve heard is that the area of fear lies off the road along the railroad tracks.


Old Theater - The old theatre (and church) on Maine Strasse in Covington is frequented with glimpses of spectral figures in the
corner of the eyes or in reflections, footsteps, light switches turn themselves on, and occasionally a loud noise as of something
heavy being dropped to the ground and dragged across the floor on the ground level.


Juvenile Detention Facility - There have been numerous occurrences there: hearing voices in the hallway, feeling something
touching or grabbing your arm, seeing lights, a young woman twice and she almost instantly disappears.


Benham Inn - Sounds of children running in the hallways, and the sounds of a child's laughter in the distance, slamming doors and
lights turning off and on by themselves.
Lynch Mountain - Reports of an apparition of "Headless Annie" laying on the hood of a car when it stalls out, when she is gone, it
starts back up.

Power Street - It is believed that a little girl haunts this neighborhood. The people that live there tell at night they hear noises like
someone trying to get into doors and windows. If you look out they say you can see where her mother hit her in the head with an
axe. It is believed she is hunting the people who did not come to her rescue when her mother was doing this to her.

Cumbland Falls Saywer

Cumbaland bridge - a while back a couple was getting married but their parents would not let them so they both jump off the bridge
and you can see the woman’s ghost at night crying.


WCYN radio station building - It is the oldest building in Cynthiana. It used to be a house. The old occupants still haunt the building
because they don't like that their house has been turned into a business and abused. There are voices, sightings, and objects
mysteriously moving.

Dawson Springs

Lick Creek Cemetery - Numerous incidents have been reported over the years at this small cemetery just outside Dawson Springs.
Glowing eyes, ghosts of the dead, things appearing and disappearing.

Dawson Springs

Miners Cemetery - It is a site where a mine ran under a part of early Dawson Springs. The mine was abandoned and eventually
collapsed taking the houses on top of it down with it. At night if you stay you will see a strange fog come in, after that you will hear
rocks start to fall.

Olney Road - McNeeley graveyard - about 3 miles down Olney Road. A road to the right Walter Calvert road. Up the road about 1 mile
a grave yard on right named McNeeley. You will hear a baby crying at night. - Always get permission or tell the proper authorities
before exploring this site after hours.

West Hopkins accelerated school - There are rumors that the school is haunted. slamming doors, doors not opening, and hearing


Wynn Cemetery - Rumors are there are 2 bodies of people who where believed to witches, buried in this cemetery. They both have
an above ground body coffins (they were thrown in the ground and cement was poured over them). The cemetery also used to have
3 trees on which the witches were hanged. Every anniversary of the night they were killed you will hear and see things. There is
also a change in the climate in which after you walk into the gates that surround the cemetery.


Peach Orchard Rd. - sounds of the man who was killed and rolled of the hill on peach orchard rd. can still be heard

East Bernstadt

Alomont No. 9 tunnel - If you walk up the train tracks about a mile you will come to A very old train tunnel built in 1882. If you make no
noise you can see the murder of a black man by 2 white men It will only happen right before a train passes through the tunnel. You
can watch as the train comes through the tunnel and the spirits will burst into dust.


Kentucky State Penitentiary - Many inmates, correctional office says that numerous ghosts haunt this former castle.

Lyon county elem. gymnasium girls bathroom - a 9 year old girl named Lisa is said to haunt this bathroom. she was stabbed and her
ghost now haunts the restroom. you can hear her knocking on the door, screaming, shadows on the walls, water coming on, and
misplaced items. it is also said that she has torn down the doors to the stalls.


Allendale train tunnel - In the back if the Allendale trailer park in Elsmere KY, There is a train tunnel back in the woods. Many years
ago a man hung himself on the edge of the top of this tunnel. There is a hook that still sticks out of the concrete where he tied this
rope. But people who have seen an apparition hanging and sometimes walking inside the tunnel.


Bethlehem Academy - Now a restaurant, this old house use to be a convent later a hotel. It is said that several nuns were murdered
here along with others. Cold spots are present and during restaurant hours chairs are moved and things are misplaced. Drive by at
any hour after midnight and you will see windows open and close along with lights being turned on and off. If you're brave enough
walk up on the porch and feel the bad feelings that seem to radiate from the building.

Gates of Hell cemetery - The "Gates of Hell" is the nickname of a cemetery at the end of St. John Road. In Elizabethtown the
cemetery at the end of Saint Johns road, known as Gates of Hell, is said to be haunted. The interesting thing about this haunted
place is that when traveling to the cemetery one of the last building you see is Elizabethtown’s other haunted place, Bethlehem
Academy. No more than a couple of miles to the end of the road where surrounded by trees and overgrowth the cemetery contains
the graves of unknown people from the 1700’s and 1800’s. The place right outside the remains of the iron and stone gate is where
people go to party away from town. Many years ago while parked there at night witnesses report they watched an enormous green
orb suddenly suspended right above them. After a couple of long minutes the orb shot straight up so fast that it was out of sight in
a second. Others have claimed other phenomenon while hanging out at the cemetery such as hearing screams, seeing shadow
people, having electrical problems with their cars, and becoming so scared that many of them never returned.


Arlie Boggs Elementary - their used to be downstairs bathrooms in the school back in the late 1900's, but after many reports on a
baby crying down their and due to the need for new bathrooms more where built up stairs and the bottom one sealed off. Now at
night you can hear a baby crying and the sound of an older woman, thought to be the mother, saying, "LET ME OUT", and beating on
the floorboards.


Narrow's Road - Narrow's Road is a winding back road. In the 1950's a police officer was hit and killed pulling someone over. Local
legend says that if you drive this road at midnight, an officer will pull you over in a 1950's style cruiser talk to you, then go back to
his car and disappear.


Staycylane Crows Curb - Reports of a figure of a black blob moving around the area.


Black Mountain Elementary school - In the Black Mountain elementary school they have been things seen in the girls locker home
in the gym they have been names hollowed out. People has often heard kids laughing and shoes tapping on the floor.

Coxton - On rainy or foggy nights a woman can be seen either on the side of the road or in the back of the car. It is said that one
night her and her husband got into a fight and he beat her and threw her out of the car and left her to die, now she will take rides to
try to get back home.

Eastbrook - Many residents of apartment complex have told that the have heard cries for help out in the middle of the night and
have seen random faces appearing in their home many have had exorcism done on the homes.

Evarts High School - The band room is told to be haunted. Many students have heard strange noises and seen ghostly figures in
the band room. It is also said to be haunted by a janitor that died in the basement. He was found covered with coal and nobody ever
found out what exactly happened.

Hwy 38 - If you stop on the side of on the second curve a head- less woman will get in and ride so far. She was claimed to have been
killed in the old sawmill off in the woods. She was reported to have been raped and murdered, but there have been many other
versions of this story reported over the years.

Feds Creek

Feds Creek High School - water faucets coming on and off. Televisions in classrooms blinking on and off with no intentions. Bats
and crows (blackbirds) coming in and out of the windows, or sitting on the windowsills. It is a place that is dark and damp anyways,
but the strange Phenomena that goes on is still horrorfying


The Trestles - There was supposed to have been a little boy who lived in the house next to the creek under the trestles. He went
out one day to watch a train go by from the top of the hill and fell onto the tracks, he was then run over. If you drive under the
trestles right at dusk, you can see his blue shirt blowing in the wind stuck in the middle of the tracks, and him waving to you from
the tracks.


Simons Middle School - Auditorium - there have been reports of footsteps being heard coming down the large aisle and echoing in
the room. They are that of a man wearing what sounds like hard-soled dress shoes.


Bone Lick Park - you can drive down the road in which it is located on and experience phenomenal things. Things such as whispers,
undeclared figures, and unknown noises. This is supposedly happened to a numerous amount of people. Like the spirit is looking
for help. THE BONE LICK PARK is a place in which is Indian related. The are buffalo and such in the park. Many believe that the
noises have to do with cries of many children whom wander off into the woods surrounding the area and never return because of
an evil spirit who takes lives because his was taken. Some people also say that this person was murdered there and is just in
search of the killer(in look for help). This is a tourist attraction around Kentucky and fewer cases have happened because of this.
So on some night drive down that road and get out of your car and walk on the outskirts of the woods and you may be able to hear
the cries.

Yealey Elementary - When they were redoing the cafeteria a worker got decapitated by a falling light fixture. He's seen after hours
by the cleaning staff juggling his head and laughing.


Prestonsburg - Cliffside Apartments - The apartments are said to be built on an Indian barrel ground. Strange things happen there.
Unoccupied apartments with lights on, sound of footsteps walking up and down the stairs. Ghostly figure of a man appearing in
closets of children. TV's turning on by themselves. The dials of radio's turning by themselves. It is definitely a very haunted place.

Wayland - Millcreek - in 1956 there was a coal mines collapse that killed 26workers at night you can walk down the road the miners
will follow you and you can see the miners go into the mines wearing there hardhats with light.


Coffin rock - Campbell Cemetery - a long time ago a man was shot and killed on top of a large rock and every time it rains you can
see blood running from the rock where he was killed, also in the same hollow at the Campbell cemetery a lot of ghost have been
spotted there, a old man flagging down traffic, a young girl standing in the middle of the road and a older female just wandering as if
she was lost, when you travel this hollow make sure to keep your windows up and doors locked its very creepy through there.

Fort Thomas

Carmel Manor Nursing Home - A young woman in the late 1800's was murdered and decapitated at this location--the killer took her
head and threw in a well located at Bobby Mackey's bar in Wilder, Ky (another haunted place seen on Unsolved mysteries)--The
spirit of the headless woman is said to roam the grounds. Unexplained noises come from the 3rd floor of the assisted living wing of
the nursing home--Some staff and residents have claimed to have seen the ghost of "pearl"-The nursing home is ran by the
Carmelite Sisters--do not go uninvited as this is a nursing home and respect the residents that reside there - WARNING - the area is
highly patrolled by Ft. Thomas police in addition to Carmel Manor Security.
Fort Thomas - Highlands High School - Highlands High School is haunted by a former student named David Cecil. He was a football
player and suffered a fatal accident during a home football game. What was the locker room at the time was turned into the
music/band room and is constantly full of paranormal activity. Chimes will swing, symbols will slide down the split-level floor, his
"spot" gets icy cold when it's disturbed, trophies will fall from the shelves, and a door with no knob or lock will shake uncontrollably
as if someone were locked inside that closet (you hear and see this as it happens), and the TV goes on and off "by itself". And
sometimes, during home games if you look into the band room from the stands of David Cecil Memorial Stadium, you can see a
figure of a teenage boy peering through the window even though no one is allowed access after school hours but the band


Foster Dam - Many people have been killed, died accidental and committed suicide at this location. If you go you can always feel the
presence of somebody who has died there.


Liberty Hall - Lady Grey haunts this building along with a ghostly Indian and soldier. There is also a young woman in the back yard
that was murdered. And another woman inside the house. So, all together there are five ghosts there

Old Road near Capitol (unsure of name of road) - was a spectral Green Light that haunted the area of an old road near the state
capitol and off of 421 (Leestown Road). it was Believed to be the specter of an old railway worker who lost his head in a train
accident and now haunts the area looking for it. She claims that she didn't make this tale up and that she's heard others speak of it.

Old State Office Building - During renovation of the office building, several workers have stated that they have felt like they were
grabbed by something in stair tower #2.  This building is located on the old State Penitentiary grounds.

Octagon House - spirits of civil war soldiers are said to still haunt the house. no one really knows why they are there but there are
many visitors to experience this spine chilling oddly shaped house.


Carrington Rock - Images of Confederate Soldiers have been seen on and around this very high sandstone rock formation, it has
been said, this was once a lookout post during the civil war. Also, there have been several sightings of a woman who paces around
on top and for a few minutes and then plunges herself over the edge. Her screams, as she falls, can be heard up to a mile away. The
forest and surrounding hollows in this area have produced sounds of orders coming from soldiers on the battle field, moans, cries
of agonizing pain, and sightings of both confederate and union soldiers. Carrington Greens Golf Course has had reports from
several of their customers about weird noises and seeing soldiers on the course, which is located on most of the battle field.

Tar Ridge - Locals call this area of roadway the "devils backbone". Sightings include solders riding house back late into the night.
As well as a woman running down the road with blood coming from her mouth where her tongue was removed. An old man walking
along holding a lighted lantern and many more. The ghosts also have been said to haunt several of the homes along the roadway.


Coral Hill Road - Reports from a man walking home one night of an apparition of a white transparent headless horseman. Later,
members of his family report it followed him home and it had been seen out side the home, when they awoke to see him in the yard
and the doors open.

Haunted Bridge - In the 1800's a wealthily family in the area owned slaves. One day one of the slaves became very angry with his
master, so that night he took his master's beautiful young daughter out to what back then was a covered bridge and cut her head
off with an axe. It is said that you can drive up on the bridge, roll your car windows down, and turn the car off; you can hear the
sound of the axe hitting the chopping block.

Slash Bridge Right off of Lexington Drive - Strange noises and the sound of someone being thrown into water followed by laughter
are almost always heard. Just turned your car off, put the keys on the dash, and sit on the bridge. - August 2004 update: has been
torn down


Big Clifty - A Woman having just left her husband, was on her way to her mother's house when her car hydroplaned off a small
bridge. If you pass the bridge around the same time of the accident you can hear the baby cry from the trapped car. Ten years later
the same bridge takes two more lives on a rainy night. Two 18 year old boys a week shy of their high school graduation drowned
after hydroplaning off the bridge. Both accidents happened at the same exact time.

Gollihue Hollow - Johns Run - A strange woman dressed in white is seen roaming the woods in this hollow. It is claimed that she was
killed in an old farmhouse located in the hollow during the depression era. Many residents that lived in the house had many
encounters with her. After the house burnt, she began haunting the nearby woods. She had been seen by numerous deer hunters,
who all claim she had been dressed in white.


Courthouse - Greensburg has the oldest courthouse in Kentucky. The courthouse was in use until 1931. Sounds of courtroom
activity, talking and footsteps have been reported. Whether you are stopping in or passing through the small town, the courthouse
will draw your attention with its historical presence outside and from within.

Old Greensburg Elementary - The school is about to be torn down however years ago a lady was said to have jumped out of one of
the upper level windows and killed herself on the ground below.  Also if you walk next to the large windows on the side of the
building you are supposed to be able to see a little girl in a while night gown hanging in the window.  Many people go there at night
and claim to see and hear strange things.


There is a house where a little girl was supposedly murdered by her parents or housemaid around 1946. She was beaten regularly
everyday until she finally died from the harsh, cruel things done to her. She was about 5 years old when she died. It is said that the
house still has toys in the yard, and there are many pairs of children's shoes lined up against the wall, and there are tons of books
on manners placed on the table along with dinner plates. There are footsteps that sound like someone is coming downstairs, and it
feels like you are being watched. There is even an occasional loud banging upstairs.


a old grave yard - a grave yard around the mountain in Hardburly is haunted. fog like thing moves around a head stone.

Coal Spring - Hardburly is a old mining camp in Kentucky. It has legends of hauntings. One is Coal Spring, a stretch of road that lines
Jake Branch Stream. Its here they say you can hear a child scream, with no one there. The story is a boy drown in flood waters
there. He still screams. In 1970s a guy was chased by a un seen thing. Faster he ran it ran, just behind him. He stopped to catch his
breath it was heard gasping for air also. After he got up a bank he did not hear it any more.


Mudlick Road - In the early 1980's it has been told that exactly 1/4 a mile up Mudlick Road a white house has been haunted. Usually
at 1:20am you will hear a little girl named Abby whispering, "Get me out!!" They have also been residences say you can hear the
doors cracking and footsteps on the front porch.


Bardo Hollow - Up in Catrons Creek in a hollow named Bardo Hollow every spring there is a mysterious light that appears at the end
of the hollow. It usually stays up there and eventually disappears but there has been times that the light will start floating down to
the bottom of the hollow. It has been seen for many years.

Cardinal Financial Services - There has been numerous encounters of a female ghost named Cheyenne. There are keys rattling and
doors slamming. It has been reported that you can feel Cheyenne walk up behind you and breathe down your neck. When you turn
around, she's gone.

Closplint - Childscreek - it is said that on a cold, rainy night that you can see a headless man by the name of Doc walking up and
down the hollow trying to find his head and the people that cut it off.

Hall Elementary - Footsteps heard, apparitions seen. The story is a male janitor died from actually falling into the furnace.

Pine Mountain - at the top of the mountain some nights you can see a ghostly figure of a lady on a dark night.

Red Dog Hollow - Murdered by his wife's lover, a coal miner on an old mining road in Fairview lights appears as you watch in
amazement as it will come down the hill at you. If you don't run you can feel him touch.

Wallins creek - Watts creek - there are several hauntings in the small community one that most people in this community has
experienced is a old coal miner who died in a explosion he still walks the old path from his mines to his home and is seen quite
often .

Harlan County

East Brook - Residents of the Eastbrook apartments have heard little girls in their bathrooms talking about putting on makeup. And
heard voices calling for help and constant banging on doors and a cry for help.


Old Church Parsonage - The Old Church Parsonage, originally built in 1880's has had several reported non-violent sightings.
Numerous people have re-visited the house to re-tell their story of sightings dating back over 50 years. The previous owner
reported that funerals were held in the parsonage. Sightings, sounds and strange "movements" occur almost weekly.

Pepsi-cola warehouse - Television changes channels, Lights, ceiling fans turn on/off by themselves. Doors close, unlock and open
by themselves. Cold spots reported at times. Employees feel as if being watched at times.

Shaker Village - Unwanted children were once reportedly thrown into a pond by the Shakers. This was verified generations later
when the pond was drained, revealing scores of baby skeletons. It is said that sometimes at night, one can hear the babies crying.

Young's Park - Young's Park was the site of a ball in late 1800s. A young woman is said to have danced herself to death. Her grave is
still there, and marked UNKNOWN. People have reported seeing her dancing there late at night.


big creek - A woman has been seen walking along the railroad tracks, that had got married the same day she was struck by a train in
the 1940's. Also the coal mines, workers has seen a man on his knees working that had been killed several years before, also they
have seen men coming out with their mining lights on. There has been several hauntings on big creek too many to be told on here,
there are also several houses as well.


After Hours Treatment Center - is the old clinic in Hazard that was used in the 1970’s. three floors, many doctors use, or used this
building for offices. One of the workers report things move, and lights go out. Foot steps heard also. the workers think it may be
Doctor Williams who died some time a go. Its the sight of his former office.

Beams Electric Supply store - is said by the now owner that the old man who ran it before his death still walks the building. now
closed down.

Berrymen Service Station - Closed late 80s.around 1993 our church was holding a yard sale close to the service station. Two girls
walking by the place stopped to talk with our group. They was around the side of the building, they said it sounded like something
moved in side. me and my friend went to look. No one was inside as far as we could see. the place was locked solid. No windows
were busted out. Another witness said that he and a friend walked by the building. It was getting dark, and they were walking by.
They heard walking inside. They went to investigate & it was locked up. No way any one got in. then a strange glow was seen in the
corner. It floated. He said both ran, and did not look back.

County School Board - a bus driver, and churchman said the service garage the buses are re paired at is said haunted. One worker
was washing up, and thought he seen a man to the side of him. After he looked closer, no one was around. He told a guy that
worked there of this. He was told stuff went on there like that all the time. Guys lunch bags messed up. And other things they may
have with them. Tools moved from place to place. And lost. Footsteps heard, with no one around. And a man has been seen that
was not to be there. Then on a closer look he is not found. The school may have a new garage.

Goody's Clothing Store - Many strange things have been heard in the store, and generally happen after closing when there are only
a handful of people in the store. One night a manager and a cashier were getting ready to lock up when the bell at the service desk
started ringing. Also strange voices have been heard on the intercom system after hours. The store built in the 1980's may have
been built on an abandoned cemetery.
Perry County - Hazard - Old Miners Memorial Hospital and ARH Regional Hospital - Built in the 1950's this hospital has seen many
deaths from the people of eastern KY being the only hospital for almost 5 counties around it for many years. Abandoned in 1987 and
turned into an office building and part of the University of Kentucky, the spirits inside still do not rest. Sightings include someone
calling your name in the hallways, to no answer of course, a strange black form that can knock you down in the old mental ward.
Many a security guard has quit because of this building.
Perry County - Hazard - Raccoon Creek Rd Glomar - things have been spotted at night like green glowing figures and also things
happen in the homes as well.... particularly on the right side of the road.

Sherwin Williams Paint Store - it is said that the workers have heard mysterious noises and voices in the back where the bathroom
is.They have seen a black shadow climbing the walls.The paint gets knocked off the shelves, and the phones start to ring.No one
will be around.At nite you can see a glowing figure in the window.

Tunnel Hill - Tunnel Hill is located a couple of miles in the back roads of Napfor just before you get to low water bridge. Directly on
top of the twin tunnels lie two cemeteries. But forget about the cemeteries for the tunnels are the sites of many bizarre
occurrences. The story has it that there is a hidden chamber hidden among the manholes. It is said that the manhole will give way to
the secret passage and those who have ventured into this passage have no recollection of how they got there. When walking
through the tunnels all light sources will slowly drain and the further you venture into the tunnel total darkness. It is then that
random light sources will appear from cracks and crevices on various places in the tunnel. Rather you go in the day or night the
same will happen because most occurrences happen once you reach the middle of the tunnel. The right tunnel is much more active
than the left. NEVER go alone. Beware these tunnels are still in service and actual trains still pass through each day. One such
aspect of the haunting place is the ghost train, which you will actually hear and even feel beneath your feet. Faint train horns echo
throughout this terrifying area. Also feel free to explore the large active cemeteries above. Rumors are there many more horrifying
things that have happened and continue to happen that cannot be mentioned in this article. - July 2005 Update/Warning: This may
not be a safe place to visit. There reports of people being chased out of the tunnels by something unexplained. This can lead to
injury or worse.

Western Sizzler Stake house - not used any more for any thing. a woman seen what she thought was a man trying to get in the old
restaurant. Her and some man close by went to look. No one was around. Then movement inside was heard. They called the police.
The officer to heard the sounds, but the doors was chained, and locked. The windows boarded up. No one could have got in side.


Country Place - Many people who have once lived here have reported a weird occurrence. You will sometimes hear beads fall down
your steps and your dogs may sometimes stair up the stairs and have an uncontrolable bark. This site is believed to be built on an
Indian burial ground. You may sometimes see scratch marks on the trees, because this was how Indians cut there fingernails.


Beechfork Elementary School- This Old school was closed down last year, Because it became in such bad need of repairs, It was no
big thing at first, All the equipment was removed, And the students were moved to a new school some 15 miles away, But after a
while lights begin to be seen late at night, While there is no power at all in the old school, And if you stop on the Highway that runs
close by it, You can still here the voices of students, And teachers, And some times late at night especial if its raining, A lone figure
of a man can be seen walking the school grounds, They say it is the ghost of the man that donated the land for the school, They say
that he is very unhappy that his school has been closed down, And that all of the children are gone, And if you don't move on soon,
He will begin to walk toward you car, With a wicked look on his face, He wants to make sure that nothing happens to his school,
After all he loved kids, hats why he gave the land for a school in the first place,
Hi Hat - Cemetery On a hill over looking the Hi Hat post office - Its a spot thru the years that a lot have people have visited over the
years, so it is untelling what has happened there. Anyway if you visit this cemetery late at night like 1 or 2 something will sound like
it is running beside the old church banging very hard on the walls. Sometimes this unseen force that will rock your whole vehicle
will slam your whole vehicle. It has a weird feeling like your being watched, and you can see things that cant be there. It’s really a
creepy place.


Wilson Hill - Many years ago a little girl was murdered and decapitated there. Her body was thrown off the hill. At night if you park
your car there and flash your headlights three times the little girl will come walking up the hill with her head in her arms.
Highland Heights - NKU - Alumni House - This house once belonged to a farming family who owned the land where Northern
Kentucky University now sits. The house is now used as the Alumni House for gatherings and functions. At times locked doors are
unable to be unlocked. Mysterious footsteps on the second floor where the bedrooms are and the toilet on the second floor
flushing by itself. In the second floor window a person can be seen standing at the window with the curtain held back at times seen
from outside. The longer you stand there looking at the window the person disappears and the curtain will fall back into place.


Motel 80 - years ago a man is said to have found his wife, and another guy together. He shot and killed the other man. Today it’s said
the ghost of the man killed is haunting the motel. lights go on and off. sounds of walking can be heard, and no one is found.


Creekfront Tunnel - Sounds of a really loud stomping as if someone was jumping up and down as hard as they could.
Hopkins County - Hell's Half Acre - and most people in the area know that it used to be one of the wildest spots around. Strange
noise and occurrences. the strangest thing is that the barn isn't always there.


Bart's Grill and Racket Room Pub - An old brick building in downtown, Bart's Grill and Racket Room Pub's third floor (once an
apartment) is haunted by a woman who hung herself there years ago. Now a dining room for large parties and a storage area for the
restaurant, workers have had things mysteriously fly off shelves at them, and have had problems with the electricity. Even with new
light bulbs put in the light fixtures, they continue to glow extremely dim or not at all. There is also reports from one woman who
lived there after the suicide that she finally had to have the elevator buzzer disconnected for good because it would go off every
night at a certain time.

Riverside Cemetery - This is the burial site of Edgar Cayce, A civil war General Killed in Hopkinsville by a Union sympathizer and
One of the Bell Kids. (yes associated with the Bell Witch and Adams Tennessee) There have been reports of screams in the
cemetery, People staring our of the front gate and strong smells of Lilac even in the Winter when snow is on the ground.

Honey Bee

Cumberland Falls State Park - Back in the early 1950's a bride & Groom came to Cumberland Falls State Park for their honey moon
but, their honey moon turned fatal soon after. They were at the falls area when they decided to tour the park. As they hiked down
through the park trails, they came to one of the over looks, facing back toward the falls were the view of the falls was a perfect
place for a photo shoot. After standing and waiting for that perfect last view, the Bride then stood atop of one of the pillars too have
her picture taken. As the Groom started to take the picture, she screamed his name for the last time as she fell 73 feet to her death.
This overlook is now what they call "Lovers Leap ". An apparition of a floating woman motioning you to come to here has been
reported. A Ranger was patrolling around the park we he was heading to the Falls Area when women dressed in a wedding gown
walked right out in front of him and hitting her. When he realized he hit this woman he stopped his vehicle and began to check on
the women but to his surprised there was know one to be found. To this day he fills this was the bride who died on that fatal
summer night.


Hendover - tugs point - you hear horses and wagons coming down the river. hooves and guns.

The Fan - Due to an explosion of a coal mine up in Hurricane, Kentucky...it is said that when driving through around three in the
morning you can see a coal miner walking down the road. Also you can see lights, hear men laughing, talking, and screaming.


Cody Road RR Bridge- Cody Road is a winding country road that passes under a railroad bridge. Local people say that a woman,
killed by a train years ago still haunts the site.

Twin Tunnels - Two twin train tunnels are haunted by a man that got run over by the train in the 1930's. He walks the track after ten


Combs cemetery - Many sightings and noises within the grave yard.

Frozen Creek - July 5, 1939, Frozen Creek was suddenly flooded killing hundreds. One of the most tragic events in Eastern
Kentucky History. Supposedly you can hear children's cries at this site which was once a school/church before the flood.

Highland Orphaning - Sightings and sounds of the young students who died in a fire.

Noctor Plantation Houses - Haunted by the white owners who were killed by their slaves.

Roundbottom Curve - Golf course that was shut down because of alleged sightings of the many who wrecked there.

Jackson Independent School - Haunted by a young girl who met her death after falling down a flight of stairs during a fire alarm. -
October 2004 correction/additional information: It was a young girl who suffered from seizures. She had one on the stairs one night
during a PTA meeting. It was in the 20s or 30s.There have been lockers opened during the night, books scattered up and down the
halls.The face of a little girl in the window at night; janitors have chased the apparition down the hall, thinking it was a real child,
doors open and close in the old high school building, etc.Her name was "Maxine".She is not a malicious ghost.

Jefferson Hotel - Many can hear the sounds of the man who was gunned down on the entrance steps.


Nicholasville - West Jessamine High School - There is an old family cemetery on the grounds. It is enclosed by an old rock wall. The
football field was also used as a mass grave during a cholera epidemic. It is also said that three women were hung on a tree in the
old family cemetery. They had been accused of witchcraft. Teachers have told of hearing a woman humming while walking the halls.
Also the smell of rose perfume will suddenly overtake a room. If you visit the school after dark you may see shadow figures in the
old cemetery. If you leave your car and go down to the cemetery your car will start by itself and the lights will go on and off.
Custodians have also told of seeing three ladies, all dressed in red walking side by side in the halls at night.

Knott County

Caney - late at night about 10 o'clock you can walk along the side of the hill, an unseen force in the hills follow you as you walk down
the path.


Barbourville - Union College - Phiefer hall - In room 212 there is said to be a ghost that haunts the dorm. You can hear her run
through the halls and slam doors. No on knows why she is here, they think that maybe she died here.

Lake Barkley

Hawkins Cemetery - A black man died during the slave drive and was buried there. He was the only black person buried in the
cemetery. It is said that he haunts the church that is located in the cemetery. He may only haunt the church, but his spirit is felt
through miles.


Value City Department Store - The store is haunted by a man who died in the store in December of 2006. He had worked there for 30
years and he can be seen wandering in the back of the store by where the house wares and toy department is. He has also been
seen walking around on the back dock in the early morning.


Webbville - Diamond Ridge - Irish Creek - For years many of the local people have reported a noise in the woods. If you walk down a
particular stretch of the road you can hear something walking with you. A very religious lady, not from the area, said it is the devil
himself. She says he walks the ridge. This area has a unusual amount of murders and suicides reported in and near it.


The Caldwell House - Things fly off the walls out of the blue during the night, They're Christmas photos showed up with blotches of
"fog", and at night they turn the heat up VERY high because it get extremely cold!

St. Ivos Cemetery - people have experience when they went there to investigate the haunting of this place they left a video camera
on one of the graves and as they were seen walking away in there video when they played it back the camera zoomed in on them
and followed them wherever they walked then the camera fell off the grave and went foggy. Reports of voices and other strange
noises heard.


Doty creek - on every Halloween night ( at 12:00) there is suspected to be a ghost dog coming back to haunt the person that lives in
his master home. His master died by a robber who shot the dog and his master four times each. the ghost dog comes every other
year, the dog is suspected to be seen the thirty-first of October 2001. we do not know for a fact that he will come this year but we do
know he has came every other year since the happening in October thirty-first 1911.

Leslie County

Wotton - W.B. Muncy school - Ghost from the grave yard above the school. and also a ghost from the hills behind the school. a man
working in the log woods lost his head and he walks the grounds of the school in the fall trying to find it .

Lewis County

Burtonville Cemetery - Located on route 989 6 miles south of Tollesboro There is a depressing feeling that is very strong in the
cemetery. Dark shadows can be seen moving around the cemetery. There is also a feeling of being watched. Lights come on at
night inside the old church that is located beside the cemetery when there is no one inside.

East Fork Cemetery - A small cemetery in the middle of nowhere, when entering the cemetery a light in the church will turn on, and
if you walk through the center of it, you will be followed by something. the footsteps get louder and faster but don’t run, if you run
and you are caught, legend has it that you will never escape the East Fork Cemetery.....


Cambell House Inn - This haunted hotel is very spooky not to mention very old. Two women have been said to have been murdered
here, one on the steps where one woman was stabbed to death. You can still see blood stains in the carpet on the stairs. Another
was shot in one of the third story rooms. Strange happenings have occurred such as doors slamming and seeing things that really
aren’t there.

Don Young Farm House - Haunted by the spirit if the old man who died building the farm house in the late 1800's. Strange things
have happened such as doors opening and slamming, windows opening & shutting all hours of the night. Once in a while you can
hear cars coming up the gravel driveway, and nothing is there, even the dogs of Mr. Young run around the side of the house when
they hear the sounds of the cars, and nothing is there.

Hunt-Morgan House - The previous residents have stayed here to haunt it.

Leestown Division VA Hospital - Made up of many different buildings and a huge, wooded grounds area, the Leestown Division of
the VA Hospital in Lexington has been the site of several strange and frightening occurrences. Haunting images of several ghosts
have been seen, as well as screams and moans, doors slamming, footsteps, disembodied voices talking and equipment and
appliances turning on and off by themselves.

Lexington Cemetery - The tomb has the feel of anger and often a large black blob can be seen in the back of the mausoleum.

Loudoun House - Loudoun house is an 1852 Gothic Villa that was once home to the families of Francis Key Hunt and William Cassius
Goodloe that is home to the Lexington Art League. A partial list of activity includes a Victorian woman who haunts the western half
of the house, an apparition of a black cat, the apparition of another Victorian woman seen in the former dining room. Aroma of an
antique floral perfume in one of the upstairs rooms now used as a studio, voices and distant strains of ballroom music are
sometimes heard.

The Mansion-Griffin Gate - This historical building was once used as a house. A teenager named Gretta lived in it. It is now a
restaurant, but employees always warn people about the blue room. It was Gretta's when she lived there. One night she hung
herself in her room because a guy had stood her up or turned her down for a date. Visitors claim in the blue room (her room) and
every so often the lights and candles would flicker and you'd feel a cold breeze go across your legs, even though there were no
vents. A few other people also noticed it too. Then if someone made her mad, Gretta would slam the shutters on the windows and
sway the chandeliers a bit

Transylvania University - There is said to have been a suicide here and at night in a certain dorm you can wake up and see a male
student standing in front of your bed with a pair of gym shorts on.  Founder's Cabin - There is a myth that the founder put a curse on
it when he died.

University of Kentucky - Guignol Theatre - Witnesses report feeling as if being watched....strange banging noises at night. Some
claim to have a seen a ghostly man wandering the catwalk or the lighting booth.


Wilson Ridge Hill - A woman in a flowing white bridal gown has been seen wandering and peeking from behind the trees many times
over the years. She never makes a sound but some have come close to her and it's said that she wears a veil to cover her face. No
one knows who she may be, however, there is a grave yard and a church at the bottom of the hill...most certainly her final resting
place. She is simply called, "The Bride".
Lone Oak

German Cemetery - This is an old Catholic cemetery located directly across the road from St Johns Catholic Church. There have
been many sightings here of unexplained supernatural phenomenon. Such events include but are not limited to sightings of a
"werewolf" type creature that charges up the hill at you, a female apparition that is not fond of males, and a strange light that seems
to hover over one of the graves in the lower portion of the cemetery. Late at night during certain events, even the crickets are

Eastbernstadt - No. 8 Tunnel in the old tunnel - It has been said that a man named old Caleb or Caleb red eyes that walks the old
tunnel at midnight. The reason his name was Caleb red eyes is because he was always drunk and his eyes were bloodshot. It's been
said that if you turn your vehicle off and lights you can here him singing and the sound of him will get closer and closer and if you
wait long enough you will see a figure that looks just like a person.

McWhorter - Rubin Ridge - There is a tale of a young man riding his four wheeler when he comes upon a truck parked under a tree
which is up on a coal bank. Upon further inspection he finds a man hanging from the tree inches from the tale gate. They say if you
ride down to bottom of the coal bank and shut off you four wheeler and turn off your lights you can hear the sound of a rope
rubbing against the tree. Just as soon as you turn your lights on the sound will stop.

Sue Bennett College - they say the dorms and the theater are haunted and that Bell Bennett roams the halls all night playing the
piano’s turning off and on lights and watching people sleep that still stay there if you go in your sure to find something


Cave Hill - Witnesses have seen green lights moving around in cave hill in Louisville. They have also heard noises and graves
falling down. If you wait by the back gate it can be heard miles away.

Central State - A phantom man on a tall black horse has been sighted.

Cherokee Cemetery - Witnesses report flashing lights, the scream of a man, and was chased by an unseen force.

Eastern Cemetery - his cemetery has graves dating back to the eighteenth century. It is now in horrible condition. It is said that
some of the dead haunt it, angry that the cemetery is in such bad shape. There is supposedly a ghost of a woman that takes care of
the babies, who have their own section in the back.

Formerly Hoffman Lighting - Later River City Lighting - Owned by two men one of which killed the other in the showroom. The
accused killer was found not guilty. A manager at the showroom from 1979-81 would come in before anyone else to do some work.
Very distinct footsteps could be heard in the warehouse above my office. Many people heard this ghost at different times.

Harvey Browny Church - There are variety of things that happen at the church each night. Around 5:00pm a strange presence can
be felt in the largest chapel in the church. This wing during this is time should be pretty much unpopulated. There is even more
though. Around 7:00pm- 9:30pm about things start to get a lot stranger, you can hear footsteps, foot scuffing, and sometimes
knocks. there are at least three spirits that haunt the chapel, a male presence was felt. Reports of what sounded like a little girl and
mother or older woman laughing.

Hebron Lane Cemetery - on moon lit nights you can see the ghost of Hebron Lane. It is an old woman walking through the cemetery
among the headstones carrying a lantern. She is dressed in a long dress with a long apron, and she has a covering over her head.
She holds the lantern up high looking in the trees,( some trees are no longer there), the story goes that she is trying to find her cat
in the trees. She appears mostly around Halloween. However, she can be seen other times as well.

Hot Rod Haven - Mitchell Hill Road - This road is located directly off Mt. Holley Road. At the top of the road is a cemetery in which a
girl is buried. Legend has it that this girl was on her way to prom when her and her boyfriend crashed at the bottom of the hill and
died. Many say that they have seen her on top of the hill by the cemetery in her prom dress.

Joe's Older Than Dirt(aka - Joe’s Place) - Or also known as Joe's place. A bar first opened in 1937, Joe's has had quite a few regulars
come and go. There are plaques on the middle pole at the front bar for the regulars that have passed away since the 80's. Workers
will be there late at night after closing and will hear strange noises, such as chairs moving, unexplained voices. Also, some workers
have claimed to see white apparitions pass them at night or the early hours of the morning when they are in the office alone doing

Louisville Theater - In the theatre lighting booth an old light tech had a heart attack and died. Since, employees have heard strange
noises and have found his name written in the dust in the catacombs that run throughout the theatre.

Meyzeek Middle School - back in the 1930's a young boy was shot in the lobby of the school. To this day he haunts there. At this
school there is a lock in for the graduating 8th graders. Each year they have had a lock in something has happened. One witness
reports someone's belongings went missing, someone broke a finger, and another sprained her ankle while running down the
stairs. She claimed that something had pushed her. In years past people had reported missing items, strange noises, and so called

Middletown - Woodland Hills - While driving on one of the roads in Woodland Hills, a lady in her 90's with white hair and black eyes,
runs after your car and takes a picture. It is to be known that her husband died in a hit and run, and the lady runs out of no where
and takes the pictures of the vehicle. The woman’s basement is filled with pictures on her walls, of cars, and teenagers. However
when you take a picture of her, it doesn't come out, but in the films negatives, you see a white mark. The lady goes by the name of
"The Watcher on Davidson", and to her neighbors, she died twenty years ago.

Phoenix Hill Tavern - Footsteps coming down the stairs and across the Saloon. White-colored flashes in mirrors. Taproom area is
extremely old, and has cold spots in air when otherwise warm. Objects get moved, disappear for a while, then show back up in the
same place. All this happens when no one else is around to have caused it.

Portland Family Health Center - Old Army Hospital - In the back of the property is the original two-story hospital, which was built
before the civil war. It was built near the banks of the Ohio river, for easier access the river. It was used to treat army soldiers. Also
used in the Civil War. They stopped using the building because of the said hauntings. People have seen soldiers walking around,
and have heard strange noises. Windows and doors have been seen to open and close on their own. Lights have been seen on at
night, when not a person is there.

Rose Bowl Lanes - Employees and customers have witnessed TV sets and pin machines turning on and off only to have found them
un-plugged, accompanied by the apparition of a woman.

The Deaf Community Center, Inc. - Formerly known as the Hampton House. It was habited by the Hampton Family in the 1800's. The
house had many parties and balls there. Mrs. Hampton always burned a lamp in the second floor window when Mr. Hampton was not
home. The lamp still burns at night when no one is they're watching for Mr. Hampton to come home. The elevator, which was
installed after their deaths, goes up and down the 3 story building and opens at every floor as if someone is looking for someone.
The spirit of Mrs. Hampton can be seen at times walking the halls of the house.

The Jefferson Mall - The screams of a small boy can be heard coming from the mall's main restrooms.

The Old Colgate Factory - It was a prison during the Civil War, workers have spotted Soldiers walking around in the basement, it's
said that the Basement workers get paid extra because they encounter the ghosts.

The Speed Museum - A female ghost is said to appear in the basement and other poltergeist activities occur in the basement of the

Sleepy Hollow - there has also been reports by locals of hearing a woman crying while parked close to the old dam.

Spring Street Bar and Grill - A ghost of an old man walks The 2nd floor of this restaurant at night when the employees are closing
the bar. There is no information at this time who he is (was). All the employees and owners who go to this storage area on the
second floor report their hair standing on end when they are up stairs in this space. This building is at least 80 years old.

Tucker Station swimming area - The Tucker Station swimming area used to be a large lake that was open to the public during the
1980's. So many young children drowned because of the height of the diving platforms. The diving platforms are three stories high
and many inexperienced children would jump of without adult supervision. Stories say that you can still here the children playing in
the lake.

Sleepy Hollow - Sleepy Hollow off US42, Brownsboro Road - Reports of phantom cars, a three legged dog and a deserted house
boat where lights have been seen.

The Seelbach Hotel - Reports of running footsteps in the hallway on wooden floors (the floor is carpeted. TV's will come on during
the 4AM hour blaring, then after 15 minutes just stop.

Waverly Manor/Waverly Hills - Old T.B. and Mental hospital. Includes crematory and body slide. Several cold spots and a young girl
has been spotted on several floors but mostly in the basement and on the third floor. Sighting of a young boy with dark hair in old
fashioned clothing and hat, by main entrance (golf course) but watch out if you see him he will come up to you wanting to go home
with you. Local rumors are that he was a victim of a doctor who preformed illegal experiments on his patients. There is also a body
chute that is said to be haunted. The chute was used to transport the dead bodies of TB patients who had died so that the other
patients wouldn't see them carting all the dead bodies out of the hospital. Many strange figures and noises can still be heard. Over
all feeling of dread in the entire building. - January 2007 Additional information. A visitor has 12 photos out of about 50 that they
personally took, and they have orbs in them (one photo has over 20 orbs, and it hadn't rained in days, and there was nothing for
light to reflect off of).

Lyon County

Lyon County Elemementary - It has been said that in the girls bathroom in the gym that a little 9 year old named Lisa died there. She
has haunted the bathroom since her death. People have seen shadows, heard screaming, seen things moving, and seen water
come on by itself. Even if you knock on the closet door you will hear her knocking back. It's also been said that she has gotten so
angry that she tore the doors off of the stalls.


Grapevine Cemetery - There is a statue of an Angel in the Grapevine Cemetery and it is said that her eyes turn red and bleed and
she cries for all the dead babies.There are two different versions of the story to the angel of grapevine cemetery. One is that at
midnight on a full moon she will look up at you and her eyes will leak blood. My friends mother said she saw that about twenty years
ago, the story of my generation goes as all my friends grew up within minutes of the cemetery, that her head has been broken off
and sits atop her body and her right wing is broken off and laying in the ground. It is said that if you knock of her head that she will
curse you with bad luck and you might die, however if you place her wing on her then she will give you one wish. There is another
story of a grave there, I don't know which one but that you pull up in front of it and roll down all your windows open your trunk and
doors and turn a love song up loud, because some guy committed suicide after his girlfriend left him, the ghost of a young teenager
will scream a death roar and you have to get the trunk closed along with the doors and roll up the windows before he gets to your
car or you will die.


Baker Hollow Road Cemetery - Many different things occur at this particular cemetery. It is located off of Baker Church Road going
toward Morganfield. You turn to the left off Baker Church Road on to Baker Hollow Road. There is one cemetery behind the church
on the left. After you pass this church there is a fork in the road, follow it to the left and this is where everything begins. However
on a good night it begins when you first turn on the road. You have to go after dark but the best time to go is around or after
midnight. This cemetery disappears and then reappears in different locations. However it will not show itself when you drive down
the road. You have to drive down to the end of the road and turn around and come back in order to see the cemetery. You will
know when you are close to the cemetery because you will have an overwhelming feeling of sadness and will begin to cry for no
apparent reason. You will see and hear various things. Sometimes you can hear music playing, laughter, screams and hear things
trying to get in your vehicle. There have also been fingerprints and dents in vehicles visitors have taken `ut there as well as
scratches that came from the outside but went all the way thought the glass. If you are actually lucky enough to find the cemetery
and drive up in to it you will not be able to drive out. It is so spiritually active that it drains the battery of your car leaving you
stranded until the morning or until you get brave enough to push your car out. There have been images of Soldiers killing each
other and those around them. There have been sightings of the dense woods opening where you can see more than you should.
The fork in the road rolls and a dense mist appears and disappears as you drive the road. There is also a guardian dog. This dog
closely resembles the "Hounds of Hell" as described in the Bible. This dog has dead yellow eyes and casts the shadow of a demon
when it gets ready to disappear in the triangle at the fork in the road. The dog appears to be injured when it first appears on the
side of the road, thus making you want to stop and pick it up, which in turn gives an open invitation to any spirit that is around.
When you fail to pick up the dog things begin to change. The dog will walk a few steps and then turn to see if you are still following
it. However if you speed up the dog will speed up, if you slow down it will slow down, if you go to the left it will go to the left, if you
go to the right it will go to the right and it is impossible to run over this dog. There have also been sightings of wrecked vehicles
with people screaming for help. Due to the period in time when this cemetery was began you will see images of men who were hung
from the trees out this road before and after you pass the cemetery. You will also see images of dead family members calling to you.
You will also experience a change in the weather when you turn out this road. For instance it will be raining before you turn on the
road, but when you turn on to this road the rain mysteriously stops and the mist begins until you exit this road where the rain will
start again. There are many other things that occur out this road but you have to be very alert and very open to the spirit world and
you cannot show fear or it can take your soul, according to the legend. There are many trapped souls at this location that will mess
with you. Make sure you do not have an open invitation of any kind. This means windows rolled up and doors locked. These spirits
can also communicate with you through your dreams if you will let them. So go if you dare just don't show fear! Everyone sees
something different when they go to this location so be prepared to be scared.

Pilot's Knobb - Witches Grave - This cemetery is located off of Ford's Ferry Road in Marion. The legend behind this cemetery is
about a five year old girl who was burned at the stake, along with her mother, in the late 1800's to the early 1900's for witchcraft. It is
not known what happened to the body of the mother, however the little girl, Mary Evelyn, is buried in a steel lined grave that is
covered with rock and not dirt. She has a white picket fence surrounding her grave. The base of this fence is a series of crosses
that connect end to end. However she is not tall enough to climb over the fence, unlike a normal 5 year old. Her tombstone looks
brand new even though it is close to 100 years old, as does the fence. She paces inside this fence when someone comes to visit
her making faces at them and reaching out to them. She sleeps during the day but is very evident at night. The legend also says
that she can not rest because she is searching for her mother but can not escape the confines of the fence. Many unexplainable
things occur at this cemetery. For one the "Watcher" makes himself very know and tries to follow you out of the cemetery. The
"Watcher" was murdered at the swinging bridge but haunts the witch’s grave. He is trying to get to the little witch but because of
the crosses that surround her he is unable to because he is evil. Crosses appear in the trees both upright and upside down,
directly over her grave, though they face different directions. She presents herself as a normal 5-year-old little girl in a white dress,
though her dress is scorched at the bottom as is her blonde hair. If you lay on her grave she will hold you down refusing to let go
until someone from outside of the fence pulls you free. However never lay on the grave when you are alone because chances are
you will be pulled into her grave to be with her thus giving her more power. As with every haunted cemetery people that are open
to the spirit world sees something different.


Arkansas Creek - a man in old army clothing is supost to be seen in the kitchen and roaming the hallways the land was an old

Crum Branch - a lady has been seen walking around in a white dress with no head and asking the people she sees for their head.


Maplewood Cemetery - supposedly the angel tombstone located in the center of the cemetery will drop rocks on your head at the
stroke of midnight if your sitting on the bench beneath her feet...


Big Pond Rd.- small family cemetery, upon entering the gate white mists appear along with black mists. An image of a lady in white
warning people not to enter. Black mist follows you around until you exit the gate. Strange noises, blood curling screams are heard
while visiting. when entering the gate winds pick up cold chills all around and mysterious shapes moving around. It is said that at
the center of cemetery there is a glowing cross on a tree, only to be seen late at night.

Hayswood hospital - Located at the north end of 4th street, Abandoned since the early 80's. People who live near it have said they
have often seen strange lights in the windows and heard infant’s cries. Also some have claimed to see a figure standing in the last
window on the third floor both day and night. Others who have been inside since its closing have noticed an old stretcher that
seems to move on its own, others have said to have been followed by shadows accompanied by voices and the feeling of being
watched. Others have claimed to see doctors in the halls and heard the cries of past patients. Red glowing eyes and what seems to
be some sort of dog that seems to be chasing something have been seen, also cold spots and children playing in the waiting
rooms. In the basement and all over the building are strange markings as if they are warnings of some kind, anyone who goes in,
walks past, or drives by have said they felt sick and a threatening hostility. It is believed to haunt the entire town.

Washington Opera house - A young girl named Marwas performing on stage until she fell through a trap door and broke her neck.
People that have preformed at the Opera house Have seen a blue light where she fell to her death. There is also a reddish stain on
the basements carpet.
McCracken - Paducah - CC Cohen Restaurant - Haunted History - CC Cohen Restaurant - Known to most Paducah residents as the
Cohen building, this important structure was built around 1865, probably for M. Livingston & Company. Afterward, it became a
clothing store, a dry goods store and in 1914, a Paducah City Directory identified the occupants as the R.L. Peacher Liquor Dealers
and the Rehkopf Distilling Company The Cohen Family owned the distinctive corner from around 1921 until 1980, when the last
member of the Cohen family, Stella Cohen Peine, died upstairs in her apartment.  Alan Raidt now owns the building and business
know as CC Cohen Restaurant and Bar which now occupies the entire building. It is a favorite stop for both locals and tourists in
the city.  The Ghost of Cohen's Past  Ask the employees a CC Cohen about Stella. They'll say she's the ghost who lives upstairs and
wanders the restaurant at odd hours. Almost everyone has a story about coming in to open the restaurant and finding chairs moved
or salt and pepper shakers dumped. Others will tell you about lights and signs coming on after they've been unplugged.
They may be talking about Stella Cohen Peine, who lived upstairs after her husband was killed in an alley nearby until her death in
1980. The upstairs "parlor" is a reproduction of the Cohen sisters' living room. The Cohen sisters' picture still hangs in the Parlor.  
Written to Stella Cohen by  Alan Raidt in 1996  About 1850, this building was constructed to house a distillery, a grocery distributor,
and a host of other businesses.
Around 1900, the Cohen family bought it to house three of their passions....a dry goods store, with the finest turn-of-the century
clothing, shoes and hats...a pawn shop, where the Cohen family could turn an honest (or perhaps dishonest) dollar, and their home
on the 2nd floor.
Stella was a Cohen sister. The A. Cohen Loan office did a booming business on the Market House Square. (his checks are framed
around the building) the dry goods store did well also, and all was well.  The Cohens started dying. Stella's husband was murdered
in an alley behind Cohen's and she and her sister closed up shop and lived with her nine cats and two Dobermans until Stella's
sister died around 1950. Stella lived upstairs (now renovated, but was meticulously rebuilt her parlor) until the 1970's.  In the Early
1980's the building sold and things started happening. Workmen on the renovation lost tools. Men's equipment didn't work, the
tester aunt opened and things kept happening.
The owner writes:  CC Cohen restaurant is my business now, has been for eight years, and Stella keeps making herself known. I
hope she is happy, I am.
-Alan Raidt CC Cohen Restaurant and Bar April 1996
There is a definite presence felt.

McCreary County

Granny's Old House - Built on a ancient Indian burial ground. In the middle of the night you see balls of light flying at you. You can
also hear footsteps, people talking, and doors slamming.


Jones cemetery - very large dark figures have been spotted several times in the past. For unknown reasons any visitor at night will
encounter these large inhumanly figures and will be chased after by them.


Middlesboro Park, near Greenwood Rd. - There was a little boy murdered there by the swings. They claim that she was out playing at
night by herself and got raped and killed. If you walk down the park late at night around 12:00p.m., you can see visions on her
swinging on the swings.


Clack Mountain - In recent decades there has been occult activity. Satanic symbols have been sandblasted from the mountain sides
but soon reappear. People report getting a "bad feeling" as they come into the vicinity of the long abandoned sacrificial rock.

Fleming Avenue - Cabin - Footsteps heard, apparitions seen & items seems to move on their own right in front of the residents

Morehead State University - Butler Hall - has had strange noises in the middle of the night and footsteps in empty rooms. And TV's
and computers turn on by them selves. It is said to be haunted by three resident that have lived then died in the building previous
years  Buttin Auditorium - in the 1980's a janitor was cleaning a large clock hanging off the balcony and apparently he fell off the
balcony and a chair broke his back and sometimes if you're sitting in the area he fell on you get a crushing sensation and a very odd
smell.  Nunn Hall - A ghost of a former student named Penelope, is said to haunt Nunn Hall. Penelope is said to be seen late at night
and in the early morning hours. She plays with lights and televisions, turning them on and off. The story of Penelope is that she was
dating someone her parents did not approve of and she became pregnant by him. Unable to tell her parents about the pregnancy,
she jumped from the ninth floor, falling to a tragic death.  Waterfield Hall - On the Third floor in room 358 you can hear screams, TV
goes and off and the door to the room and stairs open by themselves.

Mr. Gatti's - A man named Carl is rumored to haunt this business. Years ago, this Mr. Gatti's was a saloon and Carl was shot in the
head by an jealous man in the old apartment (now abandoned) above the store. Employees have reported seeing strange figures
moving around the store, mostly during closing hours. Also voices and noises have been heard in the office area. The strangest of
all, is employees finding evidence that a game back in the game room has just recently been played when there has not been a
customer for hours.

Morgan county

Wrigley Hill - Just off of 519 lays route 7 which flow across Wrigley Hill. Late at night people driving across Wrigley Hill have seen a
woman hitch-hiking or the have seen her in their car.


Earl C. Clements Job Corps Center - there have been reports from students that men with old greenarmy suits have been stading
over them. Others say that they was strangled by gost while they were trying to sleep. You also feel like somone is watching you,
doors close and open on thier own. Sometimes you can feel something touching your shoulder and nthing is there. Some people
say that Genneral Breckinridge himself walks the hallways of the dormatorys


Woodbury - Years ago a little girl was left or her parents/family had all died when she was only 2 or 4 years old. People have heard
her crying and going up the stairs. People have blocked the house off so people can't go in it. People have tried to tear it down but
the girl makes sounds and scares the workers away.
Mt. Sterling - Old Jeffersonville Church - At old Jeffersonville church 3 girls got raped and burned in there now every full moon
when you go in you can here them scream and when you go back out you'll have scratches all over you.

Mt. Sterling

Old Windsor Nursing Home - The old Windsor nursing home is the old nursing home that is abandoned now. The story is that if you
go up there late at night, you can peek in the windows and see the old wheelchairs rolling around. You can here moaning and
screaming. This nursing home was shut down in the 80's because they had a large amount of patients dying and found out it was
abuse. So their lost souls roam the halls.

Stepstone Church - In an abandoned church on Stepstone. The church still stands but the inside of the church was gutted by a fire
long ago. A few men hung 4 teenage girls on a cross in the loft and set fire to the church. If you go at night, it is said you can hear
them laugh, cry and see the shadows of them flying around. It is also known that if you do something to upset the girls, you will find
hear them scream in rage.


Rosewood - Skipworth Cemetery - It is said that this cemetery, established in the 1800's, is patrolled at night by a Civil war soldier
whose body is buried there. If you see a round, white light on a moonlight night in the spring of the year and are not family or friend
you must exit the cemetery at once or your entire family will be cursed.


Hart County High School - A man fell down a man hole in the student parking lot. There are always strange things happening here,
but it gets more active around the end of basket ball season. You'll find locked doors open, lights turned on after they have been
turned off, and in rm. 46 the air conditioners will be on in the mornings during the middle of winter.

Raider Holler - a little boy was drowned in this well known to be Jacob, this is his well and if you park your car by his well and turn
off your vehicle and get out and holler for Jacob and say, "Jacob your mommy is here to get you, can you hear me." He'll be known
to say help me mommy! DANGER!! this will happen!!!


Asbury Cemetery - Reports of an apparition that chases people. Sounds of a baby crying have also been reported.

Bull Pen Steaks and Spirits- The restaurant used to be an old hospital. Several workers have heard strange noises at night and felt
a cold presence among them. Drawers would open and unexplainable noises come from the kitchen, which was believed, to the

Coles Campground Cemetery - Graves shift sometimes, strange noises can be heard in the surrounding woods, and this is just
during the daytime. At night there is an odd feeling, a feeling of true urgency that is indescribable. Although it is too dark to see
anything properly. The farther back you go in the graveyard the older the tombstones get. One is just an crudely carved stone slab
that becomes illegible after a few lines.

Murray State University - Fine Arts Building - An apparition has been accompanied with very cold air. The Fine Arts elevators always
seem to hang on the forth floor; the significance of this is unknown. Any when you ride them there is a weird sense of impending
doom.  Fine Arts Building -The elevator - they have completely gutted the elevator shaft several times to no avail the young female
student who feel to her death in the shaft after the door opened and there was no elevator there. She takes out her revenge upon
the riders of the elevator; the elevator shakes and rattles as it travels up and down the shaft. It stops constantly between floors,
the doors constantly refuse to close.  Hester Hall - In 1998 there was a fire in Hester hall at Murray state university. A young man
was purposely trapped in his room and perished in the fire. The room was room 402. The dorm reopened the following and only
incoming freshmen were placed on the floor. Former resident claims Room 402 always had a scary presence about it and standing
outside the door one felt watched. The room was kept empty and like all empty rooms it was supposed to be locked yet often if you
walked up to the door it would be unlocked and even slightly opened on several occasions they with entered the room and closed
the door it would open on its own. In room 406 you could on some nights hear a scratching sound on the door and if you opened it
nothing would be there. The story is that the young man had escaped his room and was found dead of smoke inhalation out side of
the hallway to the elevator 406 was across from this hallway.  SigEp House - An old lady by the name of "Ma" Crawford rented rooms
out to the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon at Murray State University when their house burned down in the 1970s. When she died, the
brothers inherited the house and still live in it today. She is still heard walking up and down the stairs, the light in what used to be
her bedroom still turns off and on from time to time with no one touching it, and you hear people talking downstairs in the living
room when no one is down there. Also, the most recent experience happened when one of the brothers was sleeping and his door
opened from the shut position(door knob turned and the door opened completely) and no one was there. She is believed to just be
checking on the brothers and making sure they are alright.


The Donaldson Mansion - The Donaldson mansion was a quite home until something happened, At night lights come on by
themselves. You will hear Screaming and around the house lye's this fog all the way around the house. It was once told that no one
who will go up to her mansion she will invite you in but you will never get out!

Nicholas Co.

Robertson - Blue Licks Park - the lodge is haunted by a friendly woman. you can hear her talking.


West Jessamine High School - Janitors report being hit by thrown trash cans in the middle of the night. Lockers seen opening and
closing on their own. Football field lights go off and on by themselves at strange hours of the night.

Oak Grove

Ghost Bridge - There are several stories that go with this bridge, but only one can be verified of a soldier killing his wife on the
bridge and throwing her below to the water back in the 1960's. One story goes that on certain night you can see her decomposing
body walking the area under the bridge and another says on top of the bridge. Also it is said that if you turn your car off on the
bridge it will not start again unless you push it off the bridge or till morning.

Olive Hill

Bethel Hill - Two things are rumored to happen there. One legend is never pass the old church on a Saturday night when it is
drizzling. They say a woman is walking on the side of the road and if you pick her up she will disappear after a few miles. If you don't
pick her up she will welcome herself into your backseat. The other one is to go to the church on Friday the 13th and look into the
windows the locals say you will see the scariest thing in your life. Although no one has yet to describe what is in there nobody will
go out to the church on Friday the 13th.

The old Callihan House - Clark Hill - In the late 1960's, there was said to be paranormal activity to take place there, such as plates
flying into the air, chairs moving by themselves, etc. Eventually, the Callihans had a paranormal investigator to come into the house,
which came upon the conclusion that the paranormal activity was caused by one of the children having been going through
adolescence, or possible demon possession.

Clark Hill Trail - In the early 1900's a young woman named Stella Kinney went to live with her aunt and uncle who lived out of town.
According to legend her uncle got her pregnant. Well on the way back he murdered her. He took her placed her on a huge rock and
cut her head off with a hand ax. For years after the rock was called by the locals "Bloody Rock" and every time it rained it would
bleed. But now it has been buried into the ground because they made the road bigger.


Ben Hawes State Park - A girl who was accused of witchcraft in the 18th century was burned at the stake in the woods. If you up
there at night you can see her ghost walking and the light of the torches of the people who came to burn her.

Catherine Spalding Elementary School - In 1896 when the school was first built, it was made mostly of farmer's daughters because
the boys never went to school. In 1899 the school was destroyed by a small tremor from the fault in Missouri. Two girls died when
the school fell to the ground. In 1901 they rebuilt the school but over top of the old school (because it was so small) they built an art
building. Still today the art building is haunted by the two girls who at night have been known to mess up the art room and when
morning comes the room is a mess.

Davies County Middle School - in the middle of the day you can hear screams of a woman in the girls bathroom of the 3rd floor. You
can look around and see that there is no one there

Davies County Public library - an apparition of a boy with high red knee socks, a red vest, very old style shoes, high shorts, and one
of those hats you see on many men back in the 20's and 30's.

Fordsville - Deanefield - During the Civil War, confederate soldiers hiding from the Yankees used a small cliff cave to hide out. It is
said that the Yankees ambushed the southern soldiers, killing them all. On summer nights of the full moon, shots can be heard as
well as sounds of laughter, a fire crackling, and horses galloping. The cliffs can be found off of highway 1414 in Ohio Co, Ky.

Hospital - On first floor near the old morgue, you can hear screams coming from empty hallways. Also you can see shadows on the
wall as if someone is walking beside you.

Wilson House - This house was one of the first built in the area. It was once owned by a large family back in the early 1800s. The
family was an outcast family and very odd. The story goes that a son named John killed them all, then killed himself. You can hear
screams and laughter late at night at this deserted house.

Maiden Lake - The woods around the lake where long ago a man and his wife lived. One day he was getting water from his well and
fell in it to his death. His wife got the body and buried him. The well is still there and residents have reported there being a man
with a bucket and wet standing beside the well.

Owensboro Catholic Middle School - At night, neighbors have reported screams and wicked laughter. They have seen doors flying
open and shut as if possessed. There are dark reddish stains that have never come out of the floors in certain rooms.

Owensboro High School - When Owensboro High's elevator was first put in the seven year old son Johnny of the builder of the
elevator was playing with his ABC blocks the elevator wasn’t all finished and there had been no doors to the elevator yet and the
boy feel to his death, to this day if you go to the school real late at night right in front of the elevator and say Johnny are you playing
with your blocks, you are to hear the sound of the blocks clinging together as if he were playing with them.

River Park Center - At night on the catwalk you can see a woman in white, dripping water as she continues to walk over the edge to
the river below.

The Old Theater Workshop - In 1809 this theater was a Baptist church. A young priest lived there with his family. His daughter was
dating a young man who her father disapproved of. Late one night the daughter came to her father with dreadful news. She told her
father she was pregnant. He was so disappointed in her, he told her he never wanted to see her again and sent her away. So the
story goes that night she was out of her mind, she ran up to the bell tower and hung herself. Her father was so sad he to killed
himself in the basement. With what nobody knows. To this day lights are said to go on and off constantly, the bell rings when there
isn't a bell anymore, coldness out of nowhere surrounds you, and if your not careful while standing in front of the basement you just
might get pushes as many have before.


Perry Park - Here there is a pre civil war plantation that burnt down and killed 2 kids and there nanny. It was rebuilt and later turned
into a private country club in 1967. The house was made into the restaurant and the rooms upstairs were rented out (to live in) then
redone into a bed and breakfast (just for members guests). If you listen hard you can always hear little kids screaming and running
footsteps all around. Doors won’t unlock and open or sometimes they won’t open even if unlocked. The nanny keeps quiet but
every once in a while someone will get the privilege to see her full body in big windows that start at your nose. Since then the
country club has been turned into a resort where they have built a hotel and made the golf course public. The ghosts do not like
this, the fire alarms go off in the middle of the night for no reason and even after being reset will go off again. Curtains shut
themselves and in the kitchen pots and pans will bang together and the doors will shut and lock themselves. The lights have
dimmers and at night employees have said after turning off the switch and the lights on high they will come in the next morning and
the lights will be switched on and on low dim. This doesn’t just happen at a certain time it happens ALL the time.

Owsley County

Booneville - Owsley County High School - A man roams the halls and writes disturbing words and phrases on the walls and
chalkboards. The student was supposedly hung by a janitor in 1973 in the shower room in the boy's locker room. Exactly one year
later the janitor was found hanging in the same spot as the student and was hanging by an old rusty chain. To this day no one really
knows what happens!


Emma Morgan Elementary - In the little-kids playground, through the gates, you will be talking and back around the corner you can
hear the sound of a bike being slammed up against the gates, but when you walk back there, it stops. There are also voices and
footsteps in the halls, especially in the hallway that has the names of the past principals listed. Also, for two miles around it, almost
all of the houses have had paranormal activity. No one knows the identity of the school's ghosts, but most of the ghosts in the
community are either past owners or past owners' pets. Also, the place used to be a gravel pit. According to myth, many people died
on construction of the town, and, to keep people from knowing that some people had died unexplained deaths, there buried them
under the town. Of coarse, that's just a myth...

Oak Grove Cemetery - The spirit of a young woman named Della Barnes walks through this cemetery on certain nights. Documents
claim she was accidentally poisoned by the doctor who was treating her for an illness. Legend has a different story though. Some
people believe that her fiancée' murdered her in a fit of rage. He even went as far to cut off her left ring finger in order to retrieve
the expensive engagement ring he had given her. There is also an iron-rod statue of an angel that is said to turn and face a
different direction in the cemetery.

Paducah Middle School - There have been reports of 4 gangsters roaming the halls and firing blanks at students. at night the
janitors have reported smoke and the smell of marijuana coming out of the boys locker room.

Reidland Middle and High School - During the day you could hear someone walking down the hallway and there would be no one
there. Then some of the doors would open and close real fast and there would be nothing there some of them would not open it
would be like it is stuck. Then the lights would go on and of and would not come on but when the teachers or students would go
over there it would stop. Nobody knows what it is.

Whitehaven - A restored mansion, now a rest area, and open to the public. A female apparition has occasionally been sighted on the
balcony attached to the second floor bedroom, believed to be the owner's wife. Legend has it she bled to death during an
appendectomy. The feeling in that room is very pleasant, however, due to how much she loved that room---her husband had the
room and balcony added on especially for her. She has been known to turn off the lights in that room, and the sounds of long skirts
swishing as well as the scent of her perfume have been noted. Also, even though the old kitchen is now the employees' break
room, there have been times the smells of someone cooking a huge feast have greeted startled visitors. It has been known to
happen during the holidays, mainly Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is a beautiful place to visit, even if you don't get to meet the
happy spirits inhabiting this great house.


the City - built over partially or very near an Indian war and burial ground. This city is named for its numerous amounts of Indian
paintings found here, and there are several Indian burial grounds here that businesses had been built on, that have had sightings.

Local Gas Station - there have been reports, of 'fully dressed' in battle clothing- headdresses and all, Indians, walking through a
local gas station and disappearing again and dishes in the eatery of the place falling and being thrown around as well, many
employees have quit.

Mayo Church - Mr. Mayo who was the richest man in town built a church mostly for his wife. Some said that they have seen Mrs.
Mayo praying or just sitting in the chapel late at night. Others say that you can here whispering or humming coming from the chapel
late at night.

Mayo Mansion - Mr. Mayo has been seen in his era clothing and hat on the sidewalk watching people drive by. a tunnel leading from
the house under ground to the church has long been filled however you get a eerie felling standing near the site of the tunnel.

Old Town Cemetery - There has been reports of an old lady who wonders around the cemetery that over looks the town of
Paintsville in eastern Ky.

Paintsville Elementary School - Numerous reports of unexplained happenings from within the building including unexplained
moaning, sighting of a woman in one of the classrooms crying out to her husband and a child on the other side of the room, and
also many of the janitors working there claim there is in fact a ghost within the school.

Ramada Inn - The RAMADA INN was bulit on haunted grounds.The once place called BRISTLE BUCK.At the RAMADA,employees have
had first hand experence at hauntings.In the kitchen pans will come flying from off the wall at whoever!Late at night in the atrium
there have been the footsteps of a woman in highheels heard,this is every night.You don't want to go into one of the banquet
rooms alone,you will feel as if someone is behind you.


The Covered Bridge - Located on Colville Road. Haunted by young girl who was killed in a wreck with her boyfriend. They were
coming home from prom and were going to stop at the bridge. You can set in the middle of the bridge and watch headlights come
up behind you, but no car and then you see lights under the bridge as if a car has fallen in the water.

Old Hospital - A worker has heard many strange noises out in the lobby area, even so much that they have stood up to greet
someone coming in and there is nobody there. An apparition of a blonde lady walking toward the window. This building has been
said to have been tested several times for paranormal activities and it tested positive.

Park City

Mamoth Cave - A spirit of the cave is a Southern lady named Melissa, who brought her Yankee lover to the cave in 1843. She took
the man deep within the cave to Purgatory Point and left him there as a prank. The man was never seen again, and Melissa's ghost
still searches the area known as Echo River. The ghost of Floyd Collins, who died after being trapped for sixteen days in nearby
Crystal Cave, is also said to wander the grounds. The case became so popular that in 1926, Collins's body was removed from his
family plot and displayed in a glass coffin at the entrance to Crystal Cave. The grisly tourist attraction proved very profitable, until
someone stole the corpse. It was finally returned to the cave; however, for some reason the body was missing its left leg. In recent
years, tourists have reported the unidentified ghost of a man dressed in an old-fashioned cummerbund. Others have witnessed a
disembodied pair of legs running down the hill near the main visitors' center. The legs were wearing denim overalls and work
shoes. With over 150 sightings of ghosts reported.

Devils kitchen - It has been rumored that if you travel the old logging trail al night that leads to Devil's Kitchen you can sense a
presence watching you. Once you reach the "Kitchen" an old cave you hear footsteps and whispers coming from the entrance of
the cave.

Mammouth Park - There is an old slave cave that was used during the Underground Railroad, many people have seen the images of
slaves and such. However after the civil war the cave is noted to have been a hide out for Jessie James.


Lewis Creek - late at night you can here a loud whaling and screaming coming from the woods on Lewis creek. No one knows
exactly what happened but their used to be a racetrack that everyone used to race cars on. It wasn’t pro or anything but it was fun
for the guys mostly and their girlfriends would come to watch then race and one time there was a horrible accident and a car
wrecked and went into the bleachers and killed more than 15 people and it is believed that the screams are from all the people that
died that day. the track is still up there and the guard rails and what’s left of the bleachers is their too. the old buildings that the
cars where sometimes kept in are still their too. Kids go up there and use it for paint ball games. People who live behind the area
have experienced their roll up shades moving own their own, hearing voices whispering like at night. - June 2008 correction /
additional information: The racetrack was known as Lonnie's Speedway and yes it's still there, not in good shape but still there.
There was an accident that only the drivers were killed in, not 15 people. Every now and then, no certain time, you can sit on the
blacktop road that runs beside the earth walls of the track and hear the wreck happen. There are no homes behind the track, it's all
woods. There are houses on the creek past the track, as well as before you get to the track. If you want to find this track I'll tell you
how. You go up Lewis Creek, off of US HWY 119 in Partridge. Cross the new state bridge just off 119, then go on up the holler. You'll
cross a set of railroad tracks on your way to the track. You will come to a yard with a fairly large house off in the distance and an old
barn just off the road; this is Lonnie Lewis' house, and barn. The Lonnie that lives in the house is also the Lonnie that the speedway
was named after. The racetrack looks like just a hill, just off the road right past the barn on the left of the road. Make sure ask
Lonnie's permission to go to the actual track because he is now old and might think that you're trying to steal something. His son
also lives in a camper near the track, behind the barn.


Medco Center of Pembroke (Nursing Home) - Radios, light's would turn of you can feel cold spot's and a feeling of someone
watching you.
Perry County - Dead Man's Curve - This happens in a little place called Typo, were a man haunt's the railroad tracks as some people
know as Dead Man's Curve. People seem to see thing's that are very weird like a strange man raoming the track's, waiting for
someone to step in his track's so he can attack or maybe even kill them! The man will soon give up and let you go and let you be till
you quit fighting. Then he will walk off for someone else to step in those tracks.

Perry County

lost creek elementary - they say that if you go in the school's gym and turn out all the lights and walk around the gym 15 times that
the gym will light up again and you will here somebody scream get out and if you don't get out right away there is a man who built
the gym and was at the top of it and fell but there was some more who fell with him and they buried them there you can even walk
around stomping the floor and hear echos in certain places and there is a crack from were back in 1997 were somebody did it and
didn't leave right away and the people who fell with him tried to get out and they say that if he wouldn't of went screaming that he
would be in the gym floor with them.


Hank's Bridge - When calling on the ghost of the bridge, your car will not start when you go to leave for awhile. Also noted very cold
on the bridge.

Old Mud Meeting House - An Old abandoned Dutch Church with Iron Doors. If you place your hands on the doors, they will feel hot...
like the "Gates of Hell". Put your ear on the door and hear a church sermon-taking place.

Pike County

Kiah Creek Mining - There was a worker that died in this mine due to an aneurysm. The mine is abandoned now. It is said that the
night watch man can hear equipment running inside the mine even though it is abandoned.


Mikes Branch - Late at night an image of a rail road worker can be seen carrying and swinging a lantern back and forth. It has been
told that the man was killed while trying to warn a child to stay off the tracks while the train had been worked on, only he was caught
and pinned by the train when he fell and knocked himself unconscious. Being crushed to death.

Pikeville College - Wickham hall - has been haunted for many years now. People have been reported saying that in the early hours
of the morning that there is a young child that roams the third floor halls of Wickham. Many say that the child can be seen jumping
off of the stairs of the third floor. Other times people have seen the child in the corners of the hall crying for its parents.

Pine Knot

Cal Hill Rd - Down towards the lower part of Cal Hill just as you round the corner before the church a black object will chase you,
sometimes as far as the church, sometimes even farther. There used to be an old house there and if you went in you could see a
soldier's jacket hanging on the back of a chair and blood in one of the jacket's pockets.


Pineville Independent Schools - Many believe the girls bathroom is haunted by a girl named Connie. The lights will flicker; the water
will turn on by its self. Toilets will flush by them selves. She will walk to your style and open the door. She will scream and yell.

Pippa Passes

Alice Lloyd College - Cushing Hall, Andersen Science Center, Grady Nutt Athletic Center, - Many students and staff have
encountered many strange happenings throughout campus such as Ripped bed sheets, heartbeats coming from the vents in the
showers, books falling off shelves, Locked dorm rooms suddenly unlocking, nightmare involving an old lady, sightings of an old
lady, voices coming from empty rooms, bathroom stalls opening and closing without anyone being in them and a lot more. Campus
police have also reported strange occurrences this place really seems to be a hot spot.

Alice Lloyd College - Lilly Hall - Second Floor Suite Strange and unusual noises have been heard from this room. There is a
mechanical room in the back where scratching and moaning take place at night. The girls that live there have saw shadows of an
unknown figure.  Radio station is haunted by a man named Cushing. Has been seen by numerous employees in this building and in
Cushing Hall.

Pleasant Ridge

corner store - hauntings dating back to the 1950s, if your there at around nine o clock at night to round three in the morning you
can see people inside loading things onto the shelves, ask anyone in the area they'll tell you.


Adams Middle School - A mysterious lady in black can be found roaming the hallways alone. Janitors have even heard faint cries or
whispering in their ears. Doors can be found opening and closing by themselves and furniture even moves. Even the office camera
tapes pick up the ghostly figure.

abandoned courthouse - there are now tours. Many tourists say that they have seen and heard two old men through busted out
windows trying to escape who were put there when they were 16 for raping two girls at Prestonsburg High School in the girl's
bathroom on the first floor.

Conley Fork - There have been sightings of a woman standing in the window screaming for help

Country at Heart - This story may not be completely accurate - Before the shop opened, there was an apartment building complex
over the store (you can still see the abandoned apartments over the store). The owner claims that a woman murdered her husband
(or the husband committed suicide) and was decapitated there. Even when the whole building was fully checked, the head wasn't
found! The owner says that the bloodstains are still in the building (supposedly, the room has the only window that's broken facing
the road). That room may be haunted.

Emma - Big Sandy Riverbed - Near the riverbed in the 1958, there was the nations worst bus wreck ever, killing over 20 children and
the bus driver! There is now a little shack where it happened. Some say, at night in the little shack, you can hear screams.
Prestonsburg School Bus Disaster - Caution this contains descriptions of the accident and the aftermath and may not be suitable for
all readers.

Highlands Regional Medical Center- A worker at Highlands Regional Medical Center says that, sometimes, the lights will flash on
and off whenever no one's near the switch (where she works). And, patience say that they see angels and dead people while
they're there.

High School - When the Prestonsburg High School was built a man was pushed from a ladder an was decapitated. Now in the old
upstairs hallways you can here strange an unusual sounds and sometimes you feel as if someone is running into you when there is
really no one there.

Slickrock - years back a mad man cut his brothers head off and put it on a fence now you can see every time it rains blood running
down it. there is a lot of strange stuff that happens up that hollow


Gravity Hill - It is believed that a man and his two daughters had car trouble at the bottom of this hill. While they were pushing the
car down the road, they were hit and killed by a truck. If you stap your car under this overpass, turn it off and put it in neutral, you
will sit still for a few minutes and then feel your car being pushed up the hill, all the way to the end of the road. If you put baby
powder on the back of your car you will see six handprints on it after you get out.


Providence Public Park - the park used to have a house that set there on the lands of the park. the house caught on fire and the
man burned alive in the house. Witnesses report of the sounds they would hear in the house before the house was torn down.


Raceland Old High School - Not to be mistaken for Raceland Worthington In the basement, in the old Shop Classroom, there is a guy
who wanders around mainly at 2:45 when in 1956 he cut off his hand with a table saw. People have tried to go in the old room to
investigate, but they come out frightened, unable to go back in.


Saunder's Springs - Until fairly recently (1999 or 2000) this place was off limits to just about everyone. It was part of Ft. Knox, only
accessible from a couple of dirt roads across the street from the old US Cav. store. It’s now been opened to the public and made
into a park. There are the remains of the old pump houses and tanks for when this was the main water source for Ft. Knox and
Radcliff. On all of my visits (both before and after it being opened to the public) I have been plagued with the feeling of being
watched. There is also a distinct aura of wrongness about the reservoir. The water is so murky that visibility is about 2ft at most.


Wicked Woods - If you go from south Main St. onto McLaughin/Princeton Pike Rd and head towards Charleston then you will pass
through a small village named Richland, you will know this as the only building they have is a vol. fire dept. To your left is a road that
goes under a wooden train trestle turn onto that road follow this road through and you will come to a dark wooded area you get an
uneasy feeling there no matter what time of day it is. It has also been reported that Sasquatch was seen there.


Eastern Kentucky University - Sullivan hall - now a girl's dormitory is said to be haunted by the spirit of a nursing student who
committed suicide there in the 1970's. Also, Alumni House is said to be haunted. The most haunted house in Richmond by far is that
of White Hall mansion.
Richmond - Four Mile - There was a 16teen year old girl raped and murdered near the Four Mile bridge, they call her little Egypt, if
you go to the bridge on a rainy night right before dark call her name three times crack the two front windows she will come into the
car as a puff of wind, and ride with you to see if you are the people that killed her, if not she will get out. They say if you don't crack
the windows she cant get out and she will wreck the car.

Keene Hall 16th Floor - An apparition haunts the 16th floor of Keene hall at Eastern Kentucky University. A student in his early
twenties, late teens, committed suicide from the top floor of the University's dorm hall over a distraught fight with his girlfriend.
Feelings of being watched, girls would wake up in the middle of the night and see a man in the room, then they would look twice
then nothing was there, weird sounds. Very creepy if you're up there alone.

Madison Middle School - Madison Middle is very old, first it was a civil war hospital which many died in, then a high school now its a
middle school. There is said to be a cheerleader that was raped and or murdered in the third floor girls bath room. Very scary
sometime when you are in the bathroom alone you can hear weird noises. Sometimes late at night the last stall's door is shut and
locked, but the next day when you look there is no one there and the door is completely open. A man was brutally murdered in room
306 in the late 1940's you can still hear sounds of his cry late at night mostly at 1:03 in the morning. - October 2007 Update: There is
no proof of guy being murdered. There is a story about a girl on the third floor who was shoved by a bully and hit her head on the
sink in the girls bathroom and die. There have been accounts and seen a figure on the third floor. There was one morning a student
was helping the social studies teacher carry some things up to her class. It was about 6.45, 7 o'clock. When they got to the third
floor and open the door they saw what looked like a young girl running down the hall. They went to investigate because no kids
should have been in there at that time and found that the Girls bathroom light was on. There is also a rumor that the school used to
be a hospital during the Civil war and is haunted by soldiers who died there.

Salem Cemetery - People say that at night you can drive by and you will see two orange colored eyes looking at you. A Baptist
church stands there now, but supposedly years ago, there used to be a satanic church there.

Westover Terrace - Westover Mansion - Feelings of ghostly presences while walking from the back to the house. also some people
talk about hearing voices. There are also stories told of people being chased out of the basement. There is talk about a tunnel that
leads from the house to four mile road (some think that it's in the basement) most think that its just talk.

White Hall Mansion - The Civil War emancipationist, Cassius M. Clay, one of his daughters, one of his sons, and a black servant,
haunt the mansion. There have been sightings of Master Clay passing back and forth in front of the top middle window (the
nursery), waiting for his ex-wife and children to return. - June 2005 Update: The Curator at White Hall State Historic Site reports: It is
possible that a daughter and son are at White Hall, as numerous incidents site a woman and a little boy. A baby most certainly
resides in the mansion. On two separate occasions, in two different seasons, tour guides have heard a baby laughing. Another
guide had a small child on her tour remark about seeing babies in the house. The story of Clay passing before the "top middle
window" (which, incidentally is the third floor hallway, and not a nursery) is a story that the works say they never heard of or
experienced at this site. It is doubtful that Cassius would have waited for his ex-wife and children, more likely they would be waiting
for him, as he spent a great deal of time away from home campaigning, fighting in the Mexican War, as ambassador to Russia, and in
general making a spectacle of himself. In addition to sightings of a lady (although we call her "the lady in black," she is rather stylish
and tends to change her clothes, the Curator’s husband has seen her in blue), music has been heard in the mansion (of the piano
and music box variety) as well as footsteps. At times one can also smell candles, perfume, apple pie, bourbon and bacon.


Owsley Rd. - Cemetery on top of the hill. Strange noises are heard and many shadows resembling people watch you. Glowing eyes
occasionally seen of far side of the cemetery from your position. If watching people leave the cemetery from the bottom of the hill a
ghostly figure will follow them out.


Hart County - The old coats Plantation - This place was built in 1810 there is a family grave yard behind the home also a slave grave
yard. Reports of being tapped on the shoulder when alone in the cellar, ghostly mist, apparitions, hearing music, & orbs in pictures.

The Old Coats Plantation - Witnesses have seen ghosts on different occasions, heard things being moved when no one else is
here. Reports of being tapped on the shoulder and he turned around and no one was there. Apparitions of a slave walking across
the field, & heard music playing and a baby cry or children playing. The latest thing that has occurred is ghosts and orbs appearing
in pictures. This home is on record at the Hart County Historical Museum.


The Sexton House - This house shares ground with a neighboring cemetery, and thus has some tie to the graveyard. Several years
ago a girl was struck by lightning in the tower. On stormy nights her shadow appears inside the window when the lightning shines
against it. Because it drew so many onlookers over the years the windows were painted over. But that didn't stop people from
coming. Nor did it stop the girl’s ghost from appearing inside the window on stormy nights.

Salt Lick

Polksville Cemetery - A cemetery where many of the graves date back to the late 1800's. A glowing has been spotted by many of the
areas residents.


Mash Fork Cemetery - A old Graveyard, where one peculiar grave glows! You can See this when you drive by, or either when you
get out and go look at it. Old folklore say, that people had there doubts, so a person went and put a coffee sack over, and it still
glowed through.


31e  bridge - it is told that if you pull up on this bridge and turn your car off that it will roll completely off the bridge. Because there
was a old man crossing the bridge with a horse and wagon the old bridge gave way and killed the old man so when your car rolls off
the bridge he is trying to push you off the bridge to safety.


Cry Baby Bridge - When you cross cry baby bridge you hear a baby's cry and if spread baby power on the roof of your car you will
see the foot prints of a dead baby, that was killed in a car wreck alon with his mother.


Brooks Rd. Castle - Just off of Brooks Road, just before you cross the railroad tracks there is a turnoff to your right. Down a little
further to your left is an old house(more like castle with red pointed tower-like structures). You can't see it from the road but you
can pull right up next to the old iron gates. It is said that the man who once lived there killed his wife and children. Lack of evidence
though, he could not be convicted. If you pull up next the iron gates at night an scream at the gates, you can hear the wife and
children screaming for help! It is better that you go alone. If you go alone it rules out all possibilities of echos.

Bullitt Central High School - When this small town was founded in the late 1700's, the town built houses for the county's and town's
officials (judges, clerks, sheriff, etc.). This was on the site of present day Bullitt Central High. Legend has it many executions took
place on the site of the gym before proper law had been established. Many eye-witnesses have given reports of strange
occurrences at the school late at night including but not limited to: Outside doors suddenly opening, lights turning on, footsteps,
and voices throughout the large gym.

Cherry St. - ghostly figures walking threw the forest at midnight across the mud path: legends say people were murdered in the
forest and if you listen closely you can here people screaming for help!

Old Shepherdsville Cemetery by the River - There have been actual sightings of Ghostly figures in old doctor uniforms walking
around during full moons and otherwise creepy nights.


Whitney M. Young Job Corps Center - The old dormitory that is now being used as warehouse is haunted by a teenage girl who
committed suicide in her room after being raped. Her boyfriend also committed suicide in the hallway. He hung himself and she slit
her wrists.
Slade - Tunnel Ridge - As the story goes, about 5 years ago a man from Ohio was up in the mountains of the Red River Gorge
enjoying the beauty and scenery of the mountains. As an inexperienced rock climber, he decided to take his chances anyway and
go climbing for the day. For the most part, he had a pretty good day--until he decided to climb down to the tunnel (otherwise known
as the Nada Tunnel). It was dark outside and he wasn't wearing any bright or distinctive colored clothing and as his luck would have
it, his rope broke. Just as he was falling, a big green bus from the job corps came by and hit him as he was falling. To this day, the
tunnel still glows from his presence. At 1:17am, the tunnel will glow for 13 minutes (the length of time it took him to die). Witnesses
say, as he was dying he mentioned seeing "the glow". Now every year on October 29th, at 1:17am, the tunnel glows.


The Cumberland Marine Hospital Mill Street near the school. Used to be a hospital during the war and people came from all over to
see a face in one of the windows that resembled the likeness of God. A storm shattered the window, but people have heard
soldiers screaming on certain nights because they use to do amputations and sometimes the people would die.


Spotsville Baby - There is a lake down in Spotsville Kentucky. Back in the 1800's It is said that a 13 year old girl had gotten pregnant.
And did not want her parents to find out. So she took her baby to the lake, and drowned the baby by throwing it in the lake. Now to
this day. When you drive to the lake and park on the dock, turn your car off and headlights. Have nothing on. The baby will crawl out
of the lake. Crawl on to your hood and peek inside of the windshield. If you try to turn your car on at all. It wont start. Nothing will,
until the baby crawls back into the lake.


St. rose church - old church, one of the oldest in the state. there are some spots that you feel like your being watched, and cold


Mushroom Mines - different ones - !!!DANGER WARNING!!! - visitors report being chased by a tall albino looking man out of mine,
seeing distant lights in the mines, kind of like eyes looking at them, and something would be thrown and land right behind them.
Extremely cold chills.


fishing creek road - two car links past the last turnoff on left of road the road starts at a down hill grade when passing through at
reported time of 11:30pm at recorded speed of 15mph's looking through rear view mirror a figure of a ghostly man will appear in
back seat of your vehicle and will ride down to the end of the road of fishing creek park and will remain in the vehicle until
returning him back to the curve where first sited.

Soules chapel- reports of an overwhelming feeling of evil. Mist has been seen rising from some of the graves in the cemetery
behind the church. Voices that were not heard by the people visiting the area have been picked on voice recorders. Orbs have
also been seen in the church, in the cemetery and in the wooded area surrounding the church. - December 2003 Update: was burnt
down last month by 2 kids.


The fiery house - This house was rebuilt about 3 times and has been left abandoned at least 4 times. Story is an old lonely grumpy
mad lived and died there. About month or two later they were fixing to sell it. After they fixed it all up there was a big fire that
started in the house, leaving every thing inside in ashes. And every time the rebuild it, it burns down. People gave up for a while
and then tried again. So far it is doing good but u never know when the old selfish man is going to start a fire and keep the house to

St. Mary’s

Marion adjustment center - was an old college, St. Mary’s College, now a prison complex. there have been reports of old students
walking the halls of the old dormitory, and feeling of dread in the chapel.


Ambulance Service - About 50 years ago when this building was being built, one of the workers who was building the stairs that go
up to the ambulance service, beside the police department fell, crashing to his death. The other workers were afraid that they
would be blamed for his death, so they buried him under the stairs where his remains are still said to be. At night you can hear
things coming from the stairs, there are cold spots and sometimes when watching movies certain scenes are fast forwarded.

Boone Creek Woods - Several hunters have reported seeing a hollow eyed woman in the woods. One even reported his hunting
dogs pinning the woman in a tree. The dogs barked as she stood, perfectly, on one thin branch shrieking at the hunter.

Lions Club Park - Toward the back of the park, park your car and stand there for a few minutes and you will hear spirits walking
around. You will also hear a ghost horse running but you don't see it. You will hear weird noises as you walk through the graveyard.


The Burtonville Cemetery - This cemetery is located on Rt. 989, 7 miles south of Tollesboro. A feeling of gloom can be felt as you
walk through the cemetery. Shadow people have been seen by many who visit. It has also been reported that some type of
elemental animal spirit has been both seen and heard.


Larry A. Ryle High School - When Ryle high school was being built, there was a man that was working in the school auditorium that
fell many feet to his death. He was working on a scaffold and some co-workers were talking to him one minute and the next he was
seen falling and screaming. Students can be walking alone in the school and see the ghost of this man out of the side of their eye.
Also during school hours he is known to play with the light switches and close doors. The custodians say that at nighttime they do
not go to the area of the school where he was killed due to very odd vibrations and sightings.

University of Kent - Sorority Houses - A glowing "help me" can be read clearly on the ceiling of the treasurers bedroom and also the
whistle of a past house mother who died in the house, can be heard. She would wear the whistle at Monday night dinner and blow it
to give a lesson in etiquette...we can still hear the whistle being blown in the house.

Van Meter

Auditorium - The auditorium is reportedly haunted by a man that fell to his death there while working on one of the catwalks.
Students, workers and performers have seen him.


Slate Hollow - Slate Poibt and Surrounding Hills - In the 1980's there were several sightings of a hoofed, half man half deer or goat
type creature roaming the area. It's said that he/it was bringing in a new age of depression, death, bitterness and even opening a
portal to the dark realms itself. In the same are and maybe the same being was sighted several times on the Slate Hollow point in
the area of a cabin that is long gone now. The shape was the same but there was mentioning of glowing red eyes and when this
being was approached with out fear, he would turn into several black birds and fly toward you. In a valley below the point was a
place that was and had been describe as completely barren and dead. The trees, grass and even the branch of water was dry and
gone. This was said to be the opening to the portal. Screams could be heard. Climate change, from warm to extreme cold. And a
feeling of eyes all around you watching you could be felt. It was told that the reason all this attention had come to this area was do
to the murder. But when asked no one knew a name to give.

Vine Grove

Brown Street Educational School - In the downstairs bathroom there was a boy desperate and tired of being picked on. He untied
his shoestrings and hung himself in the 2nd stall from the door. If you go to the school around 9pm when no one is there you would
notice his favorite classroom light on up stairs. And after night school don't stay around the school for to long cause by personal
experience you will see the front door close and feel someone standing right next to you. What makes it bad you can feel them


U.S. Hwy 25 - There is a dilapidated yellow house that sits on US 25 on the northern edge of Walton, Ky. Many families have moved
in, but none stay. It is said the ghost of a Civil War General haunts the house, driving the would-be homesteaders out.


Bowling Green - Russellville - Off of old Russellville rd. There is a old haunted wooden bridge, When u drive across it, It makes
eerie sounds just put your car in neutral and let it roll across. Also people say if u go to it at midnight and park, you can see
headlights come up out of the water from a woman who drove off of it.


Gallatin County - 2 miles west of Warsaw before the Markland Dam on US42 - Back in the 60’s a family was killed in a fire on Friday
nights around midnight occurrences have been reported, such as fire truck sirens, seeing old fire trucks, flashing lights, voices,
and screaming.
Weeksbury - The Hollow - at night you can hear a woman screaming up the hollow. But there is never a woman there.

West Point

Ditto House Inn - Currently a Bed and Breakfast, was a hospital during the Civil War. Footsteps are heard, men in uniform seen, also
presence felt touching the guests.

Tioga Falls - At night behind the bridge, Civil War soldiers have been spotted walking and riding horses. There were both
confederate and union uniforms on these men and boys.


Golf Course Hollow - On a old Mining road about a mile up the Hollow there is a gas road on the right, very easy to miss. You can go
up in the hollow and sometimes hear a clicking sound. About five seconds after the clicking sound you can hear a sound like a bear
or a large pack of dogs breathing very hard and the sound gets louder. It sounds like it is right on you ready to harm you, but you
cannot see a thing. You can just feel that something is present. The whole time walking out you can still feel its presence.
Sometimes it will break branches or knock over small tree, but never to be seen. It has happened in the daylight. The area has a
history of weird happenings.


Woods of westwood - back in the old days where a area is at use to be called graveyard holler and there is 3 graveyards on this site
some graves dating back to the civil war if you go into the woods you can sometimes hear noises like gun shots firing when no one
is in the woods then you can see what looks to be civil war dressed men running and disappearing.


old Whitesville school - If you go to the old Whitesville Public School you can hear doors and windows opening and shutting and the
lights will flicker on and off. There are reports of people finding an old electric chair in the basement.

Whitley City

Barren Fork - February 2004 correction: Formerly posted as "Barren Rd. Cemetery" - There is supposed to be a witch buried in the
Grave yard, there is a house built around her grave and there are times that you can go and the house will be locked. And there are
times you will go and the house will not be locked...As you turn on the road it gets very cold even in the Summer time- February
2004 correction – additional information: Her name was Anna Foster and she died at the age of 28. In the last year or so her
headstone has been stolen and the shelter over her grave has been vandalized and almost torn apart. It's sad and the submitter
has nearly cry every time they see it. They are looking into fixing the shelter themselves. But they cannot afford to replace her
headstone, unfortunately. Upon research they have discovered that she is not the witch everyone thinks. The "real" witch's grave
is located just inside the woods next to this cemetery. - Again, we have to state that if you are going to investigate these places,
have respect for the people involved with these places. To destroy history, and vandalize graves proves nothing but your

Granny's Old Farm House On School Road - In 1940's two young men was shot to their death on the stairway while trying to escape
from law officials. The old house burned but a new house was built in it's place. In this new house you sometimes see balls of light,
hear footsteps, and door slamming late at night.
Wilder - Bobby Mackey's Music World - Said to be haunted by a woman that was killed by Satanists there.


Willard ELemantry School - it is said at night you can walk into the gymnasium and u are able to see glowing figures also there is
blodd that seems to run from the walls!!


Route 92E - there is rumored to be a black panther that roams the forests at night and then disappear. Locals call it the Mulberry
Black Thing.

Cumberland College - Archer Hall - It is rumored that a room on the first floor is haunted. The cause of the haunting is unknown. It is
reported that posters fall off the wall no matter how much they're taped up, alarm clocks will go off at midnight despite them being
set for a different time, cd players will come on by themselves, also different objects within the room will become misplaced
inexplicably.  Gillespie (Johnson) Hall - CC is a small school...everyone knows everyone else (1700 students). The freshman girls
dorm has had several incidences on the third floor where they see a girl who does not live there. Sometimes the girl is crying and
sometimes she just stares. Other times she is there and disappears. Doors close and open, TV’s and stereos come on and off,
radios and computers turn on. Padlocked doors are opened and then when you walk back by (minutes later) it will be locked. Some
days it is locked and you can see lights from underneath the door leading up to the attic. It is rumored that she was a cheerleader
who got pregnant by a football player and instead of leaving school (strict place here) she killed herself in the attic. She supposedly
lived on the third floor in 316. One girl who lived in that room was engaged and at night she would take her ring off and put it on the
desk and every morning she would wake up to find it in the garbage.

Gillespie Hall - In a room on the first floor that was numbered 13 has since been painted over that number and replaced with
number 19. Things will be moved out of its place, you can hear a girl singing very quietly which seems to be opera, you can hear a
violin being played, keys being placed on a desk, pushing on the bottom of the bed, a mysterious foot print on carpeted floor which
seems to be wet will not go a way.

Highland Park Cemetery - This cemetery was moved when I-75 came through Williamsburg. It's a rather large cemetery with one
mausoleum, and several monuments. The graves extend out beyond the cemetery gates and it seems as though the most haunted
area is beyond the gates. There is a strong vibe at night that you shouldn't venture beyond the gates.

Whitley County Middle School - On some days before any kind of break ( Christmas, Summer, Fall, ect.) it is reported that a girl in a
yellow dress that will stand at the very end of the all the lockers outside the gym at the ends of the stage and locker rooms. There is
no known reason for the girl to stand there. She is spotted singing quietly. Sometimes she is even spotted running down the
hallway screaming after school when the school is nearly empty.

Williamsburg Independent Schools - The school was built on an old cemetery, some of the graves still reside on the grounds by the
playground and football field. There are many different stories. One of which states that an Native American chief will appear at one
end of the elementary hallway, and ride his horse down to the end of the hallway and then disappear. The gymnasium seems to be
the next most haunted part of the school; there are a lot of stories surrounding it. Lights turning on and off and basketballs
bouncing on their own.


Tathum Springs Hotel - The Tathum Springs Hotel was first built as a hot springs resort. A little girl died in the creek that runs round
the hotel on three sides. Her ghost has been photographed in the window with an old man standing behind her with his hand on
her shoulder. - March 2008 Update: It burnt to the ground in 2006.


Bluegrass Heritage Museum - There is a former medical clinic turned museum in downtown Winchester, Kentucky that seems to be
haunted. The stories range from footsteps around, and above the listener to doors opening and closing themselves, and even
sightings of full body apparitions of former clinic employees. Moving cold spots, fluctuating EMF readings, various orb photos, and
such are common in the building especially on the third floor. There have been several very clear EVPs caught in and around the
former operating room, and in various places on the third floor of the building, as well as in the former morgue area. The voices
captured seem to be that of doctor and nurses talking just before, or during a surgery, and of a man screaming, and moaning in
pain. Also, at least one home video exists of heavy footsteps walking, and then running across the floor above the listeners, and of
a hallway door shutting itself, opening itself, and then slamming its self shut. The most compelling evidence this video holds is of a
lock on the third floor hallway door unexplainably unlatching its self right before your eyes, and the door slowly opening. These
events have been witnessed for decades, and by countless numbers of people and as before stated even exists on video. The
building is currently open  as a museum for historical tours Tuesday thru Friday for a small admission fee, and plans are in the
works to do a half night paranormal tour for Halloween 2008.

Conkwright Middle - In the library up stairs a friendly ghost haunts the library. The most trouble it ever gives anybody is
mysteriously shutting down computers.

Ghost Bridge - This old bridge, named Ghost Bridge, is said to be haunted by 4 teenagers who were drinking and smoking and
jumped off the bridge to an untimely death. People have seen the images of the 4 young teens walking below in the dark night.

Jones Nursery Road - There is a sharp curve in the road where a car accident happened, killing the passengers in the car. At
midnight on a full moon, you can sit on the side of the road down from the curve and wait for the ghost of a woman to appear and
walk from the curve toward your car. Witnesses say if you shut your car off, you will have a hard time starting it again and leaving
before she can get to you. And if you leave your car running, the engine tries to bog down and die. So far no one has stayed long
enough for the ghost to get to them.

The Tressels - This train bridge is said to be haunted by a girl who was walking across the bridge with friends and siblings when a
train came; the others all jumped off, and she remained to be killed by the oncoming train.

Wal-Mart - In 2003 there has been a suicide and a murder there. the suicide was a man that walked into an isle and shot himself.
rumor is if you go to that isle you'll feel a cold wind rush past you and get the sense some one is behind you. a man shot his
daughter in front of the store's doors for going with another man. rumor for that is at night you can hear someone running and
screaming inside or in front of the store as if in need of help.  

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