Date Investigated:
April 30, 2013
Crew: Diana Malear,
Amy Shafer, Alan
Privacy Level:
Reveal Date:  N/a
Status: Closed

There are several claims that was addressed this night as we wrapped up the night here at this place.  
One clam was in the center of the house where a child had died from Leukemia.  We had also thought that
there was a woman that had stood in the windows at the top of the building.  But what we cought on this
night had us all shocked, cause we cought 2 shadow people one taller than the other, and we had cought
a boy wanting his mother, and we had also cought a conversation from the other side.  But the thing that
puzzled us was the footsteps of a cowboy boots, or hard sole shoe on the floor as we all wore rubber sole
shoes, this was an amazing case, and I would love to go back again.  Unfortunantly the home owner will
not let us put the evidence on the website cause I would love to sell the dvd video we had made

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